Hello Everyone,

I’m shopping around, mostly wishing at the moment.
I want to buy a second uni to leave in another location so I don’t have to carry one back and forth.

I was rather shocked to see this huge wheeled 20" on :astonished:

I’m pretty sure this is not the uni for me, but I surely would like to ride it just to see what it feels like.

Can anyone shed some light on what it would be like.
What sort of an effect on riding would a huge wheel like that have?
Would it be more difficult to ride? I think the description said it weighs 17 pounds.

I tried doing a search, but nothing helpful showed up.

Just curious

It’s cool for 15 minutes but then gets boring really fast, at least for me.

Definitely more for show than for blow. Based on the back wheel from a cruising bike that’s also just for show. Hey, whatever works for the rider. :slight_smile:

If you like it, go for it…Tried one like it and didn’t like it at all…

I was curious about this uni too, what would it be like to ride it? would it be real stable, because of the wheel size? it does look kind of cool and different! just wondering…

This unicycle does NOT like to turn corners. The wide tyre means it tends to want to keep trucking in a straight line and it is harder to manoeuvre on the monster than a standard 20" or trials uni.

We mainly wheel ours out as a bit of a gimmick at demos. People who can already ride tend to try it for five minutes and then switch to something else. We have found that some learners gravitate towards it, because they like the look of it and it seems to be just as good to learn on as anything else (until you try to turn corners).

Since it is a bit of a “five minute wonder”, it doesn’t make sense to buy one unless you were getting it for a largish club or to take to a convention, where lots of people will want to have a go. Another possible use is for parades, if you are just riding and not doing any tricks.