nimbus phantom

what is the best psi for jumping on a nimbus phantom

hi shane remember me? you remember me you spent two nights in my house! lol, back to the subject, we had it at about 14 psi didnt we? so keep it like that cus you jumped higher didnt you?.by the way im derek. chang.

As long as the tire isn’t folding, pick what you think’s best for you.

yer but derek i have the tyre at 14 psi but the tyre folds so that is good but i have it at 18 and it dosnt fold i just need to learn how to compress my tyres any help on that

Just practice and play around with it. There is no textbook answer. Some run them low, others rather high. After you get more used to the uni, things like 4psi wont make a difference anyway. Thats not to say that 10psi of fluctuation wont make a difference though.

edit:Just use whatever feels best to YOU, not everyone else.

To compress the tyre for hopping, shove all your weight downwards through the pedals. Once you’ve done that, the unicycle will naturally pop back up. Use this upwards momentum by pulling up on the seat and tucking with your legs to hop higher.
All that is done in a fraction of a second and you have to time it right, but with some practice will come fairly easily.

Hope that helps mate.

if you hit the rim it’s too low. If not it’s fine. No one can say because it totally depends on your weight and how high you hop, how tough you are on landings etc…