Nimbus origins?

Hello all! New to the thread and new to unicyling and have been seeing alot about the Nimbus brand but they don’t seem to have a website or anything. As a bike-head first, I like to know something about brands before I buy. Anything out there about this particular brand? I’m talking specifics.

If this is covered in another thread, just point me to it! Thanks everyone!

Nimbus is the in-house brand of Most of the stuff is very good - sort of upper-middle range kit.

I believe the name is a Harry Potter reference (apparently there’s a character called Roger Davies who rides a Nimbus broom, hence the link with Roger Davies at UDC, who designs a lot of the Nimbus kit).


EDIT: Welcome to the forum, by the way :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Really. I did.not.know-that. Thank you.

I believe that’s true (but it wasn’t Roger who pointed it out to me and I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, so I could be talking rubbish).

I can definitely vouch for it being good kit though - the OP should have no worries about buying it.


Thanks guys! As a follow-up (I don’t want to start a new thread for each brand I am looking at) anyone know anything about the Action/Acclaim brand? Looks like they have a nice starter-Muni 24" for a good price. Just thought I would ask about this one as well. Didn’t see anything on the forum about them either.

Thanks again!

Action/Acclaim does not ring a bell for me. Do you have a link or something?

In the unicycle world (and the bike world too I think), there is branding and there is labeling. A factory in Taiwan or China cranks out large production runs of a good, solid unicycle frame, for instance, and we’ll see it over here with any number of names on it (or no name at all). Action/Acclaim probably falls into this category, but that still leaves the question of what the hardware is.

Some of the generic unicycles out there are quite good, perfect for first unicycles or general riding. Others, and I haven’t seen these as much, fall into the “Chinese Experimental” category where they are cheap imitations of cheap unicycles. Some can have all the looks but be really weak and poorly built. But others can be just as good and strong as any of the well-known inexpensive unicycles.

As I have stated before I have never been Hoggwarts school and I don’t ride a broomstick. (hmmm, do you think that will fool the muggles?)


It might work, but having this Nimbus Trials broom listed on the site wont help cover it up

will anyone be stupid enough to try and find this on udc?


“Now unicycling sages of wizardry can utilize their powers of levitation to sweep the floor without leaving the saddle! We are currently taking Pre-Orders only!”

They appear to be what John described earlier. Those unicycles would be suitable for learning, but if you want to go into trials, street, Muni etc… you will need to upgrade to a stronger unicycle

yeah thats exactly what is said on UDC!

I say go nimbus!

Yes, in this case it looks like they aren’t spending any money on stickers, so you get the unadulterated, vanilla unicycle. Not a bad one, except for the lolipop bearings. I’d have to steer you away from that. The bearings themselves are fine, but they are bolted to the frame using a flat bolt against a round piece of tubing. Eventually the metal cracks and breaks apart around the bolts.

As low as you should go

Put twisted pc pedals on an lx 20-26 from ^ and you will have your best low bucks starter uni .

Focus on the axle-crank design. The next step up is the ISIS splined cranks. Maybe overkill on a starter uni, they still make a great starter uni. I did most of my early riding on a KH 24 and once I learned to run the tire really soft, it was a great touring set up.

Nimbus appears to have the cheapest good ISIS unis at this time. KH and K1 are a bit lighter but not really stronger. Qu ax and Onza are a bit rare in the USA now. In general, all splined unis are of superior quality to the “square axle” hub designs. Avoid the Torker dx and other orphan crank sizes, go ISIS. Unless you can get one used cheap. Like a used Torker dx 24 for 100 $ is a better deal than a new lx 24.

Square hubs aren’t all bad. They work really well on 29 and 36 hubs where riders aren’t jumping and bashing them.

The Torker lx series is the best of the low cost square hubs so far. Personally, I am glad I started with the 24 muni because it allowed me to ride in more places. The soft fat 3" tire goes a long way to smooth out the trail. Hard skinny tires will sink in soft soil and kick back at every stone.

That’s true, but I believe your sidekick Sam Wakeling has been known to deck out his unicycle with broomsticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, it is amazing looking at “People who purchased this product also purchased:”

Kickstand… Cool. :slight_smile:


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