Nimbus Oregon

I have a Nimbus Oregon unicycle from the first “edition.” It has not been ridden very much since I have had it. I just never felt very lovable towards the ride. I can send pictures if interested. I’m in the SF Bay Area (San Jose). Prefer pickup, but will ship at your expense. Asking $485.00. You can text or call (text is easier) 408 205-9 one one 6. :slight_smile:

What size wheel?

This is the 26" wheel. It’s like riding a 29" because of the fatness of the tire. This picture is mine from when it was new. It has a fatter tire now, also the white is a bit dirty from drops in the dirt.

Hub size

I was asked if the hub is 100mm or 125mm. I admit that I don’t know. Can any of you that know post the hub size here for the original Oregon?

All the Oregon have the same 125mm hub spacing. You need width to get this baby in and out of the frame.

Thanks. It is definitely wide.

Not really. Wide makes for a strong wheel, but the Surly Conundrum, and the new Mad4One frames use a 100mm hub. You just have to let enough air out of the tire… Usually it’s squishy enough to just slip out anyway.

You are right JuggleAddict, it is okay with a 65mm rim and 3.8 tire (that is the stock configuration of the Oregon).

However, if you start using all this frame space to the full (with a 4.8 or bigger tire and/or with a 80mm rim or more), you start being thankful for the wide frame at the base.

(back to the initial topic)
Don’t worry too much about the self-steer, the Oregon pictured here has a Surly Larry tire that is prone to self-steer. If you go with a more recent tire, you should not get that much self-steer (but with a 4.0 tire, you have to show the uni who’s the boss anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I don’t know about M41, but the 2009 Surly catalog says

Bearing compatibility: 42mm OD x 12mm wide …
Hub bearing spacing: 102–104.5mm, measured outside to outside

so 90-92.5mm center to center.

They were build on 100mm Profile Racing hubs originaly. Crmo can be streched a bit. The frames probably squeezed to 90mm when they took them off the jigs. All my frames need some streching right after welding. I jig them 2mm wider to strech less when I’m done.