Nimbus Oregon

I have for sale a 26" Nimbus Oregon for sale.

Setup with;

Brand new frame
Fusion zero saddle
150/125 moment cranks
Bengal disk brake
Fusion Zero saddle
Diety Compound pedals
Tire setup tubeless.
Great unicycle just not into the fatboy anymore. No longer have the space for all the unicycles I have. $550 plus shipping.

I’m sorry if you said and I missed it, but how do you get a big bald spot on the tire? Dragging behind the car? I imagine the bike rack coming loose…thanks jona

I had an incident while loading up a bunch of unicycles on a bike rack. Unicycle is fine. It was dragged a couple feet but nothing serious. The tubeless still held! Surprising the only damage was a bald spot and I did not effect my riding.

PM Sent

Of course you sell yours after I buy mine :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

sold. Yes I do Nick. No more snow for me=no snow uni.