Nimbus Oregon

$500 With a green KH FR seat as well as original Nimbus. Less than ten miles of light trail use. Knee surgery next week and I don’t see myself riding it for quite some time. I would prefer local Southern California sale, but if I don’t have any luck I will consider shipping at your expense.

I am not posting pictures as it is stock except for the KH seat upgrade with no scratches or signs of use.

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dagnabit, just spent that on Muni goodies last week. Oregon was 1st choice, had to settle. %#¿Σ !

Have you sold it?

As a “longtime” Oregon owner I will say that Nimbus has assembled one of the finest munis in terms of verstality and quality. The Frame design is excellent for strength and weight, works well for situations where you need to carry items on the frame, mounted over the rear hoop, disc brake set up is excellent, the wider crank position provides more stability and reduces leg rub on the seat, and best of all you can run more than one wheel size in the Oregon frame (24, 26, 29) AND the Oregon is the only frame that will accomodate the fattest fat tire 26" (Big Fat Larry 4.5")) and the fattest Fat tire 29" (Knard 3").

Just saying…

Sold - Thanks