Nimbus Oregon on UK Canal Towpath

Here is a vid I put together featuring my new ride: The Oregon.
Hope it’s of entertainment to people - I have only been riding for 6 months and my skill is still pretty beginner - but I am riding most days and getting better :slight_smile:

The Oregon is great for the muddy areas near where I live and feels just right at being a tad excessive for all the riding I do. Excessive in a really comfy way! :smiley:


Nice riding…great area to ride it looks like. Oregon pretty soft and comfy on those trails / paths I bet.

Thanks for sharing. That does look like a great place to ride.


That’s a great video :slight_smile: Looks a lovely place to ride.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Cool video! Nice, long look at the Oregon…and what a gorgeous place to pedal! Can I please live there? Mannchester, eh? How far is that from Coronation Street? When you get done riding, can you pop down t’Rover’s for 'alf a bitter? :wink:


I regularly ride on the tow path of the Caledonian Canal in the highlands … its a great flat ride with a well finished surface… only problem is that its in the Great Glen which is like a giant wind tunnel at times!!