Nimbus Oregon/Impulse Chromoly Disc Hub available

So, now the Impulse can go off road and all you Oregon owners can add another wheel to your quiver :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of building a 29" FR wheel for the Oregon, that is if I no longer need my KH 29er…26 guni :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this Ben. I wonder if the new hub (rather than the Aluminum spindle on my Impulse) will be used to build a new Impulse going forward or if it will be offered as an upgrade. It’s not that I have had a lot of problems (other than the occasional creaking when I accelerate or decelerate) with my aluminum hub. But, if I were buying a new Impulse tomorrow, I would most likely opt for the chromoly hub. I guess that is the price I pay for being an early adopter. Had a feeling this would happen when I heard the Oregon would being using a chromoly hub. Oh well, I guess it’s light XC and not hopping off any drops bigger than a curb while riding my Impulse. At any rate, it is good to know the chromoly hub is available should my aluminum hub ever malfunction.

I’m sure the aluminum is pretty strong, so I’d be suprised if straight road riding would twist the spindle, but if you’re big enough and apply enough pressure, I suppose it could twist.

Josh rode the Impulse hub on the protitype Oregon and he twisted the spindle, but he’s doing serious dh muni, big drops, lots of hopping.

If you request that hub, they would certainly build a wheel special, though it might cost extra and then there’s the added weight, that said, if I wanted a disc brake 36er for mixed use and the option to swap in a 29er, that wouldn’t be a bad way to do it.

Has anyone built a 29er wheel for their Impulse?

Crown height is 2.75" greater on a KH36 vs KH29, frame width is 3.25". The Oregon is 4.75" wide with a crown height of 15.75" :smiley:

Can someone measure their Impulse frame and post the crown height as measured from spindle center to the underside of the crown (above the tire), also the inside dimension of the frame at the tire and maybe 3" closer to the hub :slight_smile:

I think an Impulse 36/29 combo would be sweet, to compliment the Oregon LM/26/29 combo :roll_eyes:

Good idea! I hadn’t even considered it. I will measure my Impulse when I get home. With my KH36G coming soon a 29" wheel in my Impulse would be perfect! As I said, I am keeping my Impulse intact as a back-up / loaner should my Schlumpf hub ever malfunction (perish the thought and knock wood). It is very important that I have access to a 36er at ALL times. The option to swap (performed, of course, by my LBS) a 29" wheel into my Impulse would certainly keep it from gathering dust. Also, my wife keeps count of my actual number of unicycles (1 soon to be 2) but she never said anything about the number of wheels I might possess. I will do all the measuring and then you tell me what rim / tire combo is best so that I can get Josh started building the wheel. Silly question: would I need to buy another disc or would they use the same disc from my 36" wheel? If they can use the same disc, then I might just order the hub from UDC (save shipping) and have my LBS build the wheel. I’m taking a “Park Tool Class” this winter so hopefully I will learn to do some of this stuff myself. Just pulling routine maintenance (plan to tighten cranks weekly then monthly for the first year) on my Schlumpf hub scares the heck out of me.

I think it takes a standard disc rotor, so I would just get a new rotor for the new wheel. it makes the swap much faster. Your LBS should have rotors on hand, just get one that’s the same diameter as the original, and the wheel should drop right in.

The best I could estimate (tape measure end between bearing mounts to serve as spindle center) the front fork of the frame measures 18.5" to the underside of the crown (just above Nightrider tire) but the rear fork is shorter due to horizontal bars (where I mount my b*ke saddle bag) at a little under 18". In between (from spindle center to top of tire) is about 18" even.

The inside dimension of the width of the frame at the tire is hard to measure because the tire is installed but (4" down) just under the bottom of the rim (the most accurate measurement of the bunch) is 3.25" wide.

So Ben, do you think that Maxxis 2.4" Ardent 29" tire that you are always bragging about would fit? I would be happy to volunteer as the guinea pig on this one. Let me know and I’ll talk to my LBS.