Nimbus Oregon -> Hatchet

I’ve been reading on these forums for a while, but made an account to ask this. I ride a 26" nimbus Oregon (profile pic), and I just saw the hatchet frame on and thought, would it be possible to just take off my seatpost/seat/brake handle and axle/brake/wheel and mount them back up on the hatchet frame? This made me wonder the same thing about the KH 26". Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I don’t really know much about these things. :thinking:

Welcome to the forum. Yes, you can swap the Hatchet frame for your Oregon frame and your components will fit. The same is not true with the KH 26. The hub width is narrower on the KH 26 (100 mm) than it is on the Hatchet and Oregon (125 mm). Also the KH 26 uses a different sized seatpost.