Nimbus Oregon 29er Wheel, Surly Knard 29 x 3" 120tpi Tire

I am selling a complete hand built 29" Oregon wheel:

Nimbus Oregon 36h hub, 125mm bearing spacing, green and black
Nimbus Dominator 2, 29" x 42mm rim, black
14ga straight gauge spoke, black
Brass nips, black
Stans’ rim taped, tubeless ready

This wheel can be purchased with a barely used Surly Knard 29" x 3", 120tpi tire. The Knard is the fattest 29er tire made, the 120tpi version is ~900gms, with a super supple, high volume casing. The Knard is fatter and has more volume than a Wildlife Leopard!

I also have a Bengal disc brake, 160mm rotor, that could be worked into the deal. If you don’t have an Oregon frame, but you have a Nimbus muni, all you need to upgrade to an Oregon is this wheelset and an Oregon frame…

Note that this wheel will only fit in a frame that is built with a 125mm bearing width, which is limited to the Nimbus Oregon or a custom built frame.

Looking for best offer, with preference given to someone interested in purchasing the wheel and tire together.

PM to discuss details.

I wish I had the money :frowning:

(topic drift on)

And even narrowing down to the Knard only, I wish I had the clearance in my frame…
(topic drift off)

I keep suggesting folks upgrade to an Oregon, the frames are awesome, disc brakes, knee clearance, big enough to run any tire, compatible with low or high Q cranks, really the best of all world, BUT it’s a big committment of $$ if you already have a muni.

If you run a Nimbus muni now, upgrading to an Oregon is simply a matter of buying a frame, everything else will swap over.

Also, it is very likely that I will be selling my Oregon 26" LM XC wheel set in a few months as I upgrade to a Large Marge Lite or an even wider 80mm rim, so keep that in mind.

I have one interested party, but he wants the wheel only, so I am going to hold out for a wheel and tire sale.