Nimbus Oregon 26

Selling my never seen dirt Oregon 26. Sad to say I’ve only ridden it around the block. I picked it up cuz it was on sale and thought it may motivate me to get out on the trails… never did and have been perfectly happy riding my 36 all over town.

I flattened the saddle base, it’s not totally flat, but much better than stock. A pretty comfortable saddle. I removed the white handle and rear bumper and replaced with black. Looks better I think.

The only wear is a couple of chip marks on the frame (check out photos), not sure where they came from…

I have 150 mm cranks on it in the photo’s, I’m not selling it with them. It will come with the 165 mm Nimbus venture 2 cranks, they are in perfect condition.

Marge lite rim with Surly Nate tire
It has 165mm cranks
flattened Nimbus Gel saddle

Asking $500, buyer pays shipping.

pm or reply for questions/offers.






Sweet uni. First time poster long time lurker. Pm sent.

Is this schlumpf hub compatible?

I have no idea, you would have to ask in the unicycle conversation forum.


WoW!! That looks like one sweet ride!!I bet you can advance pretty fast with that. So much potential.
Helava deal and heler of a work out too… puny legs will learn to love you for it :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :smiley:

Dude, for the guys that haven’t known it yet, think Greyhound freight express.

Oregons have a 125mm wide hub. Schlumpf is 100mm. There has been rumor about Schlumpf coming out with a 125mm hub, but that isn’t reality (yet), so the answer to your query appears to be “no”.

I got the info directly from Florian, there will be a 125mm version. The bearing holders will have to be modified but it isn’t complicated. You might have to change the rim though because I think the Marge Lite on the Oregon comes stock with 32 holes and not 36 like the Schlumpf hub.


It’s been sold,

Nice one. Not surprised it’s sold already.
How did you flatten the saddle?

Baked it at 325 for 10 minutes, then clamped it in a vice to make it flat. Of course I took saddle apart first.