Nimbus Oregon 26" muni

Lightly used Nimbus Oregon 26" Mountain Unicycle with hydraulic brake in very good condition. It is perfect mechanically. The frame was spray painted with a fancier green paint. There are some scratches on the paint.

The unicycle is light yet strong. The hydraulic brake is very powerful and taut.

Pick up only in Fremont or Santa Clara. $520 OBO.

Looks like my oregon is a later version than mbalmer’s. For one thing the tire has less self-steering :smiley:

I found the tube is leaky, so it is now $500 OBO.

Hahaha. Yes, I always did find the Oregon to be self steering which is why I don’t like it. Others seem to do fine with it. I thought maybe it was because I’m an old lady. Haha.


Sold. Thanks!