Nimbus Oregon 26" Custom build incl KH Fusion saddle

My custom Nimbus Oregon needs a good home!

Despite my best intentions it’s had very little use. It’s a great fun uni and I had plans for some epic sandy adventures but my interests have taken me elsewhere.

I had the frame powder coated black, and fitted a KH Fusion saddle with Pivotal post and Shimano SLX brake. As you can see from the pics it has had very little use.

I have a pair of Odyssey pedals that I’m happy to include if you want them.

$550 AU.

I am happy to package it for delivery within AU. Delivery at buyer’s expense.


Awesome Unicycle. Great build. To bad it is so far away. This is a steal at that price. Good luck with the sale.

I have a very good home for a 26 muni with a brake. Am happy to pay what you ask.

How much would it cost to deliver to Murwillumbah (postcode 2484)?

Sent PM.

In fact after looking closely at the photos, whatever it costs to send, consider it sold.:slight_smile:

Have replied to your PM with approx shipping. let me know!

Sold pending receipt of payment. Will post when it’s all done and dusted.


Ok guys OneTrackMind has changed his mind :stuck_out_tongue:

the Oregon is still for sale.

Going once, going twice, going three times. Sold to the man in Denmark!

It will be a nice addition to my collection of pillaging vehicles, and moored next to my long boat :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what are the shipping charges on such a long trip?

I believe dmac is using ‘Family & Friends Shipping Co’ :slight_smile:

But this gadget will give you an idea of what it would cost using Australia Post

And still kicking myself for letting it go.

I got a bit overawed by the huge tyre thinking it would be too big and heavy. I wanted a wheel that would take a road tyre too so it was heading too far away from my target.

Of course I could have bought another 26" wheelset and had a light muni that would take a road tyre and the monster too at a very affordable price.

But I was already $100 over my original budget. I could have waited for the next budget to get another wheelset though.

I kicked even harder when I really thought about where I would have been riding. That was going to include local parks, across rough grass. The monster was exactly the right wheel for that because it had the momentum and squish to roll through anything.

Kick, kick, kick.

Too much to make this practical normally. However I have family in oz coming for a visit in March who will kindly bring the Oregon with them :slight_smile: