Nimbus Oregon 26 and 29

I am selling my nimbus Oregon.
It’s a nimbus Oregon with a kh free ride and a avid elixir one with 150 and 165 moments and comes with a 26in lm wheel with a devis8ter and a Larry. It will also come with a surly rabbit hole with a new knard.
Pm me offers. Willing to do trades for 26 munis plus cash only or buy out right. Willing to ship
Pick up prefer

Pm me offers

MuniSano might be interested.

pm sent. :slight_smile:

Is this the one you just picked up a little while ago? If so is there any reason in particular you’re selling so quick? Wondering just for reference for my future purchases. Thanks

@jona I blew out my knee really bad and I really don’t wanna see it sit and also have medical bills to pay

What did you injure?

I tore platella and got nerve damage

What were you doing?

This is Ben’s old setup isn’t it? Multiple wheels in the Oregon frame? Fantastic rig, and I’d buy it if I was’t so satisfied with my current rig :p.

Do you have any pictures? What is your buy it now price?

Man that’s terrible :frowning:

I hope you can recover. I hope you’re not in too much pain.

Holy crud buddy, sorry to hear that. I figured you were going to say it was too heavy or something. That really sucks.:frowning:

While I am interested I’m honestly not in the market right now. Just don’t have the budget since I’ve decided to not part with my KH-Schlumpf Muni Hub. I fully plan to purchase a Nimbus Oregon (or it’s fat-tire equivalent) in the future when I have the means and opportunity. Too bad, as I’d really love to buy it!

Sale pending …

It does suck. I did like the weight because it rolls over everything. It does suck my knee is hurt but let’s me focus on some side projects I have

Sold :slight_smile: