Nimbus Oracle Frames - 26 inch, 36 inch

I am selling 2 Nimbus Oracle unicycle frames, both are new.

Both frames come with bearing holders (one side is a Nimbus d-brake). These frames do not include the seatpost clamp (You can purchase a 31.8mm clamp at UDC, etc.). If desired I can get seat clamps for the frames and pass the cost on to you.

I’m asking $100 for each frame + shipping (from Zip 85602). If you want both frames, shipping will cost less.

Frame 1: 36 inch Oracle Frame, black, no stickers (shipping pkg is about 28 x 5 x 7, 7lbs)

Frame 2: 26 inch Oracle Frame, black, Oracle stickers, ridden once - looks like new. (shipping pkg is about 23 x 5 x 7, 6lbs)

I prefer payment through Paypal.

Nimbus Frames - Pics

Pictures of 26 and 36 Oracle frames.

Any chance I could get the 36er frame with 2 of the standard bearing holders and not the d-brake? I didn’t see it as an option on their site to buy just the bearing holders. I would if I could, but I feel like I’ll probably be reaching out to the UK store if not. Anyway, either way, I’m interested in the 36er one.

36er Frame - Small Blem in Paint

I forgot to show 1 small blem in the paint on the 36er. It is on the top of the right leg - cosmetic only maybe 3mm diameter.

The 36er frame is sold.

I’ve decided to use the 26 frame at this point so I am unlikely to sell it.