Nimbus Oracle 36er Muni

Selling the Oracle that I built up last spring. I built the wheel myself because I wanted an external rotor, this means a symmetrical wheel that is stronger than the stock dished wheel that comes on the normal Oracle.

I have about 1k into this.

Specs are:

Oracle frame
Stealth2 rim
KH Street seat (semi-flattened)
TRP Spyre brake with Starfighter
Jagwire brake line
Atomlab GI pedals
Coker Nonskid tire (tubed)
Superwide Nimbus ISIS hub
KH Sprits 165/137

I’m asking $600. Local pickup preferred. I’ll ship it if you want, but the buyer pays shipping.

If you’re looking for a 36er for Muni, this is your uni. If you want one for road, this will also do the trick.

It has a 180mm rotor on it, I did have to file on the D-brake a bit for clearance, but there is absolutely nothing structurally wrong with it.

Thanks for looking.




do want.jpg

Chet, my offer stands if you change your mind. :roll_eyes:

Bump. I’ll work on some better pics tonight.

Feel free to make an offer.

More pics and price drop to $500.

There is a small scuff on the rim from a surprise rock attack, other than that, it’s in great shape.





Nimbus Oracle 36er Muni

Hey, this is exactly what I am looking for! Is it still available?

Yes it is.

Ok cool, its been a long time coming, but I finally registered here and I don’t know how to private message yet. Is there another way to chat besides posting to this thread?


This is a hell of a deal.