Nimbus Oracle 36 vs Kris Holm 36

I am considering purchasing a 36er down the road sometime, but I don’t know what the difference is between the kris holm and the oracle. What are some thoughts\opinions about the two.

The oracle comes standard with a disc brake. That alone seperates the two by quite a bit. Not sure off the top of my head how much more the oracle costs, but a brake is a nice feature to have.

Quite a few things have changed in the last few years but the basics are still the same.

Here is a thread from 2008 you might find helpful.

The Oracle is an updated Nightrider.

Both are great high-end 36ers each with their own strengths.

But what are their own strengths?

Did you read the linked thread?

EDIT: er sorry, just looked at the Oracle. it is NOT an updated Nightrider. I am not all that familiar with that particular frames pros and cons.

reading the comparison on UDC this is how I would break it down

Saddle: Both have new style KH base, Nimbus would be slimmer and firmer, KH would be a bit flatter. I like the new KH Freeride saddle.

Seat Post: KH is 27.2, Nimbus is 25.4. It doesn’t make a huge difference. 25.4 might be a bit more popular (more interchangeable with other brands, eg: you could use a Coker pi bar) but the 27.2 size is a bit stronger and resists twisting a bit better.

Clamp: KH has a standard double bolt clamp. nothing special. Nimbus has the new double quick release clamp. The double quick release is new and funky, and should work well. Nimbus wins this one.

Frame: The KH is tried and true lightweight and stiff aluminum frame with both Magura and disk brake mounts. Standard 100mm bearing spacing means it will work with a Schlumpf hub if you ever want to get one.

The Nimbus frame is a relative unknown but Nimbus has a reputation for quality. 127 bearing spacing and no brake mounts (but comes with cable guides and a D-brake adaptor/mount.)

Wheel: KH is standard symmetrical 100mm ISIS hub with CroMo spindle. Very strong. Nimbus has 127mm (superwide, but asymmetrical) disk hub with aluminum spindle. Both have the same spokes and rim. I give the KH the edge for strength.

Tube and tire: both use the same tire, the Nimbus comes with a Foss tube which gives it an edge.

Cranks: The KH comes with the new Spirit dual hole disk cranks. Nimbus comes with Venture 2 cranks. The increased flare of the KH cranks brings the pedal position very close to the Nimbus with the superwide hub but “zero Q” cranks. I give the KH two points for strength and flexibility of the double hole cranks.

Pedals: Both are OK, you would probably replace them with your favourite anyway.

Brake: KH has the mounts for whatever you want to put on it but the Oracle already comes with a decent hydro disk setup. Nimbus wins this one, though I prefer a solid mount over the D’brake setup.

Nice summary. As the designer of one of the two in question I won’t wade in on this one, except to add - do you want to have the option of using a geared hub at some point. If so, the KH36 is the only one compatible, because it retains the 100 mm bearing standard. As for a disc brake as an option, it’s a matter of preference. It could be included; so far I’ve kept it as an option so that riders have a choice of model.


i currently have a nimbus 20inch trials unicycle (oreo)
but i would like to get a KH mountain unicycle when i get older…maybe a 26 inch

Thanks a lot this is exactly what I was looking for. I think that I will probably go with the KH unless I can get a good deal on a used nimbus.

Cool! Kris Holm commented on my thread! :smiley:

It looks like your Uni is better, so I will probably go with it. I was leaning toward it before but it really does appear better. (I don’t have the money currently, but I will eventually.)

Yes it is possible that I might want to put a geared hub on it eventually, but I don’t know where to buy one in the U.S.A. Is there a reason that for the United States doesn’t sell the Schlumpf hubs? Is there any other spot that I could purchase one using USD?

I say to get the KH36.

One thing that isn’t mentioned: the KH36 is compatible with the Schlumpf geared hub.


EDIT: Eric did cover that too!

With how long these unis have been out, just a few months for the oracle, I think you’ll be lucky to find one secondhand so soon

You’re much more likely to find a 2nd hand KH or other nimbus 36er

As has been said, not much in it, both are quality unis

The nimbus has a hub mounted disc rotor, which means you can use any cranks with the disc brakes. If you want discs on the kh you have to use crank mounts rotor, so you are stuck with the expensive spirit cranks.

Or a Mountainuni Disc

Or with a Mountainuni Disc Kit with UCM. :slight_smile:


Others have complained of wheel stability on the KH w/ the big wheel, but the wider flanges of the geared hub mostly solved that.

Considering this if I knew I was going to put in a geared hub and soon, the KH. If I knew I didn’t want a geared hub or only slightly considering it I’d get the Oracle.

Yes the KH cranks are a bit expensive in comparison to the Ventures, but look at some mtb cranks, they make the Spirits look cheap.

Edit: the flange spacing is narrower than a normal ultra wide hub (used for 36ers) so maybe it’s the same as the KH? In Nimbuses defense I haven’t heard of any wheel stability issues on their other Oracles (all w/ a narrower flange spacing)

Also I saw someone’s custom Oracle 36. All black on the forum. It looked really really nice. I couldn’t handle the stock neon green.

I am very much headed toward the Oracle over the KH. As long as UDC allows upgrading certain parts like seat dual hole cranks etc. I think it makes more financial sense to get the Oracle.

I think it’s pretty ugly personally, although the person who had the one who was just black said they come with the stickers off. Unfortunately though the rim is still hideous.

I wouldn’t mind having a used nimbus nightrider Or KH.

A new KH comes with the spirit cranks so that is a non issue.

I have both an Oracle 29er and Triton 36 with the Spirit disc crank set up and they both work fine so it is really a matter of aesthetics, although I do knock the KH disc setup more as it is further out

as for stability I am not sure what that means, the Oracle has a 25mm wider hub but 0 q-factor cranks where as the KH Spirit setup has 12m of extra q-factor each cranks so overall the pedals are in the same place. If you put wider cranks on the Oracle you will get a wider stance that some people feel gives a stabler platform (others think it induces side to side wobbling and slower spin speeds) but stock crank to stock crank the two unis will be the same pedal width

If this is meant to be about wheel strength then the flange spacing on the Orcale is only 14.7mm wider which would give a stronger wheel but as the wheel is dished to one side due to the hub disc mount and not symmetrical like the KH setup the wheels will be about the same strength wise.

Either Uni will be awesome but I didn’t fancy the green or oracle frame shape and wanted to change too many parts on a stock KH so built a Triton instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Wheel stability is why successful 36ers have used 125 mm hubs to spread the flanges further apart from each other, stabilizing the wheel. This was proven strongly desirable even though it widens the pedals increasing potential wobble at speed.

Wide enough flanges essentially gives the same effect (like the KH Geared hub).