Nimbus Oracle 36" (Disc) - With KH T-Bar

Reluctantly I’m gonna have to sell Beast :frowning:
She’s a 36" Nimbus Oracle, with disc brake. I will include the KH Tbar I bought for her, and in total I spent nearly £600.

I haven’t decided on a price yet, I’m just seeing if there’s any interest?

I’ll put pics and price up soon…

What would be a fair price to ask for her?

Ok I’ve decided to put her up for £350

I would prefer the buyer to collect, but postage can be arranged if the buyer pays it (I still have the original box)

For an extra £20 I will include my Thule Pack n Pedal Tour Rack (cost £75)

Here’s a couple of pics:

Still available?

I’ll have it (for a friend), including the rack.

Not sure yet about picking it up. Might have to be post but I’ll figure that out and get back to you.

Yes she’s still available.

If you aren’t too far away Mowcius I could probably convince my friend to drive there, if you’d pay for the petrol.

We’re over in Leeds so a bit of a trek from Lincolnshire.

Where exactly are you? There might be a possibility of getting it picked up via some friends.

My friend says he would be up for the drive, but the petrol for the round trip would be £40

From posting unicycles in the past, I suspect postage would be rather cheaper than that. Save everyone some time too.

We still might be able to arrange pickup though, depending on where you are.

Ah right, true…

I’m in Cleethorpes, just next to Grimsby.

I’ve sent you a PM anyway Mowcius :slight_smile:

Right, pickup’s not going to work sadly.

Let me know a price including postage and I’ll sort that out.

Will do mate. Any suggestions for a courier? I haven’t a clue how much the postage is gonna be…

I’ve just used Parcel Force in the past as you can take it down to your local Post Office.

Should be about £18 looking at that.

Call it £390 all in?

Yeah, that’s cool for me :slight_smile:

How are you wanting to pay?

Take this conversation to PM or txt if you want?

Now sold!