Nimbus Oracle 29"

Hello, I am selling my 29" Oracle uni, sadly I just never use it. It’s mostly stock. I have added the Coker Pi bars to it and made my own grip for the brake lever (as seen in the photos). It does not have pedals. The tire tread is good and everything is moves like it should. I’m looking for $500.
Local pick up would be great I would be willing to meet with in a few miles of my home, if that can make it easier. I will also consider shipping If you pay shipping and I can figure out a to get payment (possibly CoD?). Any questions feel free to email me @

Sorry for the off-topic but I really like the custom spooner you made for your brake. Is it an old section of seatpost ? Is the screw going all the way to the other side of the tube ?

Yes, It’s the cut end of a seat post, drilled so the break lever fit into it and the nthe screw basically wedges them together. I surprised myself it actually worked quite well :slight_smile:

If I’d been riding longer I’d consider it, but need to finish learning on my 24" first… I’d suggest Paypal/Amazon Payments for getting paid, much easier for both sides, and no fees if you use bank account transfers.

Greyhound and Amtrak offer some of the cheapest and easiest large item shipping around. I recently had to ship a lot of large kite stuff, saved myself over $150 shipping via Amtrak vs Fedex Freight or UPS.

Thanks Volock, I’ll set up a paypal.