Nimbus Oracle 26er - Ride & review 2016.

Had a total blast making this. All bases are covered for this particular uni, so newcomers to the sport and/or those wanting to get as much info as possible will hopefully find it helpful and informative as well as fun. In addition to trail footage there’s also a road-mod segment and even 26er Oracle trials…and, I decided to set up my grind rail and give it a try for the first time since my neck injury a couple months back. Had to face my fear, and nailed the grind on the first try!

Hope you enjoy!

This may be more appropriate in the unicycle product reviews section.

The sport contact is a nice light tire, but they didn’t last but 1500 miles on my touring bike. The wear may be a bit much on a unicycle. Would be interested to see how they are after 1000 miles or so.

I can’t wait. I have one of these in the mail right now.

Thanks for the review. I was debating hard over which Muni to buy and thus makes me feel more comfortable with the decision. It is hard to decide from a website without ever being on anything other than a 30 year old 24" Norco. It has been a long time but it is time to get back in shape…

Since I’ll be using it mainly for short distance climbs, it would take forever to put on that many miles, so it should last at least a few years.

Hey dgomes, glad to hear the video review helped you make your decision. And welcome to the uni forum!

Your review re-confirms my decision to buy a Nimbus 26 last summer. (Although a 2015 model). My only suggestion would be to consider a pair of KH 127/150 crank arms at the time of purchase.