Nimbus or Torker

I wanted to get a 24’ uni and I can’t decide between the Torker DX or the Nimbus X, I’m leaning towards the Nimbus because it is a little bit cheaper.

The main things I want is one that is lightweight, and be good for doing some off road stuff, so if you think one is better than the other please post.

The Torker splined=better


Off road…Torker DX.

If you want to ride freestyle, get the Nimbus. If you want to go off-road, get the DX.

Get the Sun…oops,sorry, wrong thread.

If you go for Torker DX, make sure the Torker DX you get is one of the newer ones so you can put a fatter tire on it.

I may not be the best person to ask, because I am real new at this, but …

I have a Nimbus 2 – which is the street uni with the hookworm tire as well as a Torker DX. The Nimbus 2 is a very smooth ride and a clear favorite on the street.

If you want to ride off road, I would definitely go with the 3 inch tire that comes with the Nimbus X.

My first try at MUni was the Louisville meet about a month ago on the Torker DX. (I walked a lot and I think both are probably equally easy to push) But, when I got home I bought a MUni with the Wildlife 3 inch tire and it is a whole bunch easier to ride than the Torker DX.

The narrower K-Rad tire on the DX didn’t ride very well when I tried to deflate it for the trails.

Really, you have to make a choice between the 10 splines on the DX or the 3 inch tire on the Nimbus X. I would go with the tire, because it’s easier (and more fun) to ride. When it breaks fix it or get another one – until then, have fun.

Depending on how heavy you are and how rough you ride it, the square tapers on the Nimbus may hold up for a long time. If you want to be agressive, you should be looking at more expensinve MUnis that give you both splines and a 3 in tire.

Hope it helps.


I’m guessing that you mean the Nimbus 24 Muni.

It is really a terrific value for the money. I’ve had it for over a year and love it. Nothing has bent from my riding. Weight wise, it is also on the lighter side because it has cotterless cranks instead of a splined hub.

Actually, the MUni I bought is the Qu-Ax, because I wanted to add a brake. The Qu-Ax has splines, 3 inch tire, and brake mounts.

btw – If anyone wants to add a brake to the Qu-Ax, beware. The fork has brake mounts, but UDC doesn’t have anything on which to mount the lever on the one inch seat post. I am using a smaller seat post with a shim.