nimbus or qu-ax?
witch will last longer give me less trouble I want a uni that wont break I really in a hurry so bye

if you want me to use the search please tell me how to get good rezaults

because I don’t know how :frowning:

and the qu-ax sale goes off son so hurry!!

sorry for the crappy thread:(:frowning:

Quax if you are heavy, bulky, fat, etc and not supple.
Nimbus if you are average, small, etc.

I am 130 lb and want tio ride like a manya!
(edit) ohhh and I found a thread with no title that has the same question


I guess danni is my only friend :frowning:

I vote qu ax

I’ve never seen either one in person. The quax looks a little better to me. A chrome moly frame, stronger looking cranks and seat post. The nimbus sells better, because it’s cheaper, but now that the the quax is on sale, it looks the better value to me.

Plus it’s a bit less common then a nimbus.:slight_smile:

Personally I love the nimbus compared to the quax but there both strong unicycles.

does anyone know the weight of both on it says quax is 14 lb
but doesn’t say for the nimbus

Wow 14lbs! I think the KH trials, which weighs 12lbs (about 5.4kg) is the lightest production trials uni there is; not sure about K1. Renegade doesn’t say specifically-only that they’re “under 6kg”-and 6 kg is about 13.2 lbs.

I don’t know which K1 would be lighter? I am pretty sure none of the devils are. They are like 0.5 lb heavier I think. But the Koxx XTP might be around the KH20, because the wheel has gotta be similar, and the KH frame is lighter when stripped (not sure about with with paint) and the CC is lighter than the Tryall.

Well, according to K1, the new “Devil flight” is 11.8 lbs, giving it a very slight edge over KH at 12lbs. (I’m going by the apparent weight indication on the lower left of the pic below: 5375 gr, which translates to the 11.8 lbs.)