Nimbus or Qu-ax

can i have some help i’m going to start muni and i need to get one which will last quite a long while and that are quite good for frasing around the woods.
i have 2 in mind they are

24" nimbus muni -isis which would match my 19" nimbus trials


24" qu-ax muni which is the same as my friends

can i have some help to lead me into the rite direction.

qu-ax, dude you can not break that thing. trust me.

thanks are u sure i probally wont break the nimbus low because all i do at the mo is 4ft drops

:roll_eyes: KH.

Nimbus and Quax are heavy.


Everything else is heavy! :wink:

oke so than you will trow away your kh frame? :sunglasses:

well little more on topic:
ik would take the nimbus because 36 hole rim so you will have more choice when you want something else

I vote for qu-ax, I’ve had an awesome experience with mine.

Personally I don’t think weight plays a big part in muni. The qu-ax can take a lot and will be a good muni.

It only makes a difference when you need to walk up the hill.
Lighter is better when there is no shuttle or lift :wink: haha

The QUAX is great and very similar in weight to the KH. I would go with the QUAX. You can get it here

:astonished: No

KH weight 6.65kg
Quax weights 8kg

Get the nimbus with moment cranks. Nice rim, the old kh, nice frame and nice hub. Nimbus makes really strong unicycles except for the cranks really.

Both unicycles are comparable in about every way, if the Qu-ax is the new model with isis cranks, if it doesn’t don’t even bother with it. If it does as I said they are pretty comparable and both will handle whatever your able to through at them for the most part. Maybe check which has a wider rim and go with that or what ever the easiest for you to get your hands on.

You really want an isis hub, they don’t have those ugly pinch bolts that can tear shoes up like they did mine, and they have a huge slection encase you want a different size or break one some how.

U have three KH and two Nimbus, have only seen QuAx from afar. If you’re in the USA (maybe elsewhere?), Nimbus us justto convenient to buy and get support; i.e. warranty, spare parts, etc…

I seem to remember there being problems with QuAx Isis being real Isis, so keep that in mind. Nimbus is a good company, have a great support staff, can’t say too many good things about them.

Personally, though I have a KH 24 and a Nimbus 24, I prefer my Nimbus for ride feel. The weight difference beteen the frames is negligible and the steel frame takes a lot more abuse without gouging.

Koxx is the problem, I run Qu-Ax cranks on my kh hub and it works just fine.

Torker aren’t sold in the uk, you have to import them.:frowning:

I plan on getting the Qu-ax.


Does anyone have a pic of this thing?