Nimbus or KH

Hey I want to get a muni to do some hardcore riding but don’t know if I should get a Kh or just a upgraded nimbus with moments. Is the KH really worth it for advanced muni or is the nimbus with moments just as good? Help me out here.

hmmmm is cash a problem?

Go Kh unless cass is a problem, or if you want a nimbus 26" muni

Cass? Anyway I want a 24 but wondering if its really worth the extra money.

you should go with kh me thinks… very reliable


Get the KH!

i think if you fat like me a nimbus might be better the only difference is the frame being crmo not alum and crmo will be heavy but it will like almost never brake
i would say go nimbus then when you get 200$ burning a hole in your jeans get a kh frame

there both very similar unicycles. in my opinion, all your paying the extra for is the brand name and maybe a bit of weight.

the KH is equipped for brakes, the nimbus is not

Probably the best reason so far, the KH is also lighter, the rim is wider, the seat is better, it comes with a rail adapter, and it’s already proven itself in way more situations. I don’t know if I’d ride much if I didn’t have brakes, Central Illinois is too hilly to ride without one for a distance over 2 miles. If a stock KH can handle Vancouver and Santa Barbara then it can handle anything.
EDIT: also if you go for brakes, try looking for HS-33s on ebay, cheap and easy. Costs as much as a high end cable brake.