nimbus on a lollop style

does this actually work? (read bottom paragraph
i have a broken savage lollipop frame and i dont like that style frame would a nimbus fit on a savage wheel like they say???

Just get a nimbus frame…Dont get lollipop bearing holders, theyre not as strong in my opinion… The main cap bearing holders are way easier to work on aswell.

so if i just take off my cranks my bearing holders will just come off???

That you would have to ask someone else…You may have to buy a bearing puller to get them off.

if the bearing holders are aluminum, you can get them off without a bearing puller by cracking them…you wont need them any more anyway and the bearing will not be harmed.

let me know if you want to do it, and will tell you how in more detail. it would help if you knew for sure if they are aluminum,Savage is just a name and it has been on unicycles with both steal and Aluminum holders.

they are aluminum so please give me more details

ok, read all the posts by me (jagur. my older acct.) in this thread.

in the pic you can see the lolly’s on the ground after the hacksaw and wedge (or fat screwdriver) process.

the tools you need are nothing more than a hacksaw blade and a medal wedge of some sort to lighty pound into the space made by the blade…the lollys will crack and fall off easily.

DONT HACKSAW INTO THE BEARINGS! thats the only thing to NOT do…just cut a line and pound in a wedge then work it till it cracks off.

the bearings inside your lollys are the standard 40mm size therefor will fit perfectly into your New Nimbus frame…

(that thread link contains conversation about Pashlys and Miyata lollys…NEVER mind that…those are differant and are not relivant to your cause.)

bottom line here is: if your lollys look like the ones in my pic …this will work, with no harm to the bearings (DONT CUT TO DEEP!)

let me know how it goes and if you need any more help.

Why not find a local bikeshop or motorbike shop with a bearing/clutch-plate puller and ask them to remove the lollipops for you, it only takes 2 minutes with the right tool.


sure you could pay to have it done or you could do it the way i did it for free and have fun working on your own stuff,

also, if you used a bearing puller the bearings would come off the hub with the lolly’s then you need another tool to get the bearings out of the lollys…after that you would need to lock-tite the bearings back on the hub! (much more than 2 minutes)

well i have the bearing puller because i help my dad in his lawnmower repair shop so i can get it from him