Nimbus nomad 29" questions???

I’ve been looking at maybe buying a nimbus nomad 29" off Udc because the price seems decent and I’m wanting something other than my 20". I’d like to get opinions from anyone who has ridden or owns the nomad. Any help would be great and is it a good buy. I couldn’t find many reviews on it.

I’m also curious about this particular unicycle. UDC has it listed under muni and after swapping out for the KH cranks and saddle it’s still significantly cheaper than the KH 29" muni.

Still want that KH though. I just like the frame better.

I bought a Nimbus 29er last year and eventually converted it into a muni. I ended up with a setup that’s similar to the Nomad. Of course mine cost more because I had to buy the tire and cranks separately. I’m impressed that they’ve packaged it all together without raising the price over last year’s model.

To me it feels light and responsive. The WTB Stout tire is pretty light, which contributes to the uni’s good handling. It’s not as beefy as most munis, but it seems tough. It’s got strong components: ISIS hub and double-walled rim. I’m not sure how much the 32 hole hub affects wheel strength. Probably not enough to matter. Maybe someone else can comment on that.

The Nomad is actually better than mine because it comes with a wider rim. It’s a good value. The price is the same as last year’s model, but the parts are better.

Round crown frame may not be wide/tall enough for all 29er tires, so check with UDC. Brake mounts are a big positive.

Rim is the narrower KH style 42mm, not bad, acually quite good.

Nimbus hub 32h = quality, durability, low failure rate

Nimbus gel seat and fixed post, not my favorite, but they work.

Cranks = Ventures II, Nice cranks :slight_smile:

Stout tire, not bad, works fine, I prefer something a little meetier

For $309 with free shipping, that’s a good deal, esp if you like the seat. Upgrade the seat and even $350 to your door is a deal.

Personally, I like the round crown frame, plus, STEEL IS REAL!

@ Tilley, don’t get the Moments, the Ventures are more than enough crank for a 29er. I’d swap seats, keep the seat post for now, upgrade tires to Ardent 2.4 when you find one on sale; that’s assuming it’ll fit.

Thanks for the input. One of the reasons I wanted to go with the moments was to get the one with dual holes (150/125). Is there a reason to stick with the venture cranks other than keeping the final price down? Albeit significantly down, as changing the cranks to moments adds 20% to the final price.

About 6 weeks ago I just got my first (used) muni and it came with moments. The one thing I immediately liked is that the ends that the pedals attach to angled away from the uni. The reason I liked it so much initially was because a few days prior I had put my ankle through the deli meat slicer crank on my old schwinn while learning to idle.

Still, I’m open to suggestions. I’ve ridden on two cranks - some generic schwinn deals that did the job and moments. I’ve never used or even seen ventures. Willing to give it a shot I suppose.

Also, sorry denno. I didn’t intend to hijack your thread. I just found myself being drawn into that unicycle induction formula that’s in someone’s signature and the 29" was the last to seduce me. Not being an experienced unicyclist I almost hate to ask, but what makes the KH 29" muni $300 better than the Nimbus 29" muni ($300 difference after making the saddle and cranks equal). 4 additional spokes makes for a stronger wheel. Other observations from the KH riders out there?

Thought I might try to preemptively answer my own question a bit, see if it fits:

I guess one comparison to draw would be like the difference between an Epiphone and a Gibson. Both are nice, but one obviously has a higher quality wood than the other and a bit more care is taken in the construction. If you’re out to learn guitar you might as well go the cheaper route, only moving to the more expensive model as your growing skills demand a higher calibur equipment.

Apt comparison?

Comparison sounds well. You didn’t hijack but it sounds like curiosity of this uni bit you too. I’m still learning to freemount and ride farther on my 20" but I’d like to go bigger and eventually be capable of cruising around town.sounds like the nimbus is a good deal and if I get funds to purchase one I’ll do a review even though I still am a beginner.

Ventures are lighter, less expensive, and plenty strong.
Moments are heavy, more expensive, and overbuilt.
You will likely never ride in the 125mm hole.
You can buy two sets of Ventures for the price of upgrading to 125/150 Moments.

Good point.

Yup, that’s what I did :slight_smile:

I admit to having 165/135 Moments on my 36er, but that’s only because I use the uni for two very distinct style: trails and greenways. I have not used the 135’s much, looking to ride them today on the greenway as I rest for an upcoming muni race.

On my 29er I have bounced back and forth from 150 (Ventures) to 160 (K1) to 165 (Vntures), each has pros and cons. I have enjoyed the 150’s, they spin easier and I feel faster, but they also seem to be putting more stress on my knees and require more out of the seat riding, so I’m going back to 165’s to see if the knee pain goes away.

Nomad 29, KH freeride seat, fixed post, Ventures in 150 and 165, stock tire (for now), some brakes from Bryce, you’re all set :slight_smile: