Nimbus Nightrider Square Taper mountainuni 36"

After purchasing a Schlumpf 27.5" earlier this year my 36er has been seeing quite a bit of down time. Seeing as the Guni suits my needs much more than the larger wheel, I am considering selling the 36 to a good home somewhere on the east coast. The specs are as follows.

Coker Steel rim
29" Tube Stretched to fit *see note
Steel spokes
Nimbus Superwide Square Taper Hub
Nimbus Nightrider Tire- with original little rubber fuzz still on it!
Quick release seat clamp
Kris Holm FreeRide saddle
MountainUni Disc setup:
Sinz Dual hole 150/125mm cranks
Mountainuni Disc tab welded to frame
Avid Juicy 3 Caliper


Currently the seat does not have a T-bar attachment, so the buyer would need to either buy the KH T Bar setup or the small lever hanger from UDC, or we may be able to negotiate a price on the adjustable T-Bar setup currently on my Schlumpf.

  • At the time that I re-set up this unicycle I was working in a bike shop and somehow developed holes in all of my dedicated 36" tubes (probably from pre-bikeshop tube installation days) so I decided to go with a stretched 29" tube due to availability, weight and price advantages. It was a great decision, and I highly recommend it. The significantly lower price and weight of the 29" tube means if you screw up once it is still cheaper than buying a dedicated 36er tube, and they are available at any bike shop. I haven’t had any flats on the 29er tube, and it is slightly easier to get up to speed.

Price: I’m not really willing to negotiate on price, as I don’t need the money right away. With the addition of the Disc brake and the various upgraded components, I think $400 is fair when compared to the price tag of $450 for a new UDC titan.

Location: Tri-State area, specifically Hudson Valley, NY.

I may figure out pictures in something better than link form if there is a large interest.

How far are you from the Tappan Zee?

I’m about an hour from the Tapp, but I go to school on Long Island and plan on passing through there next week to come back from school.

I am going to mull it over and I will let you know. I have to venture to Newburgh soon as well.

Take your time, it’s currently relaxing in the heat of my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up jumping on a KH 36er

Price drop $350. I really like my schlumpf. Had a chance to ride it in brooklyn yesterday and realized I won’t be going back.

Bump. Make an offer. My schlumpf is treating me very well and I could use the funds for other projects.

I’d take it but I’m across the nation in CA :frowning: Plus at 5’6" tall, I’m afraid I’d be too short to ride it anyways

The frame’s neck has actually been cut to let the seat drop really far. I’ve shipped big stuff before but I have no idea how much a 36er would cost. Maybe via greyhound. What’s your inseam?

PM’d you.

Actually just had a KH36 shipped to me from Colorado. he used bike flights to book shipping and it was reasonable.

Still for sale!

Looks like a beaut, and I just moved to CT, but don’t really have the spare cash or spare time to pick up a 36".
Too many stop signs and signals in town, too. :frowning:

is this still for sale and would you be willing to ship to Tennessee

It is still for sale! Shipping to Tennessee probably won’t be the best with such a large Uni, though. I will be at this year’s NYC unicycle festival if anyone wants to have a look at it then.

I’m very interested if you would be able to ship to Michigan. Let me know!

I’m in Dallas, and am 6 feet tall. Comparing this to one without brakes for $25 less. Do you know how much shipping to Dallas (Actually, Murphy, TX) would be? You said the frame was cut down. At 6 feet tall, will this still work?