Nimbus nightrider 36

Hey all i will be parting,with my nimbus nightrider 36. it was great for phoenix where its flat, but it feels too big for the mountains in Colorado where,i have since moved. I will get pictures posted soon. Brand,new hrdyalic,brake installed as well as a wheel spoke servicing. Ridden 5 miles since that and I realized it doesn’t work for where I’m at. Kh freeride saddle. Open to trades for the right specimen,which would be a kh 29 with brakes and schlumpf comparability,as that is the plan.

Oh yeah. I have 2 sets of cranks, both Kris holm. A 111/125 dual hole and a 137. I suppose i could also get you a nimbus gel saddle,if thats what you prefer.

600 shipped in the states. Or 600 minus shipping if you live in the four corners area and want,to do a personal handoff.


111/125 would be too close together. Pedals have 9/16" (14 mm) threads and holes that close together would be touching each other.

I love my 110/127 cranks. I’ve climbed a few good inclines on them. In Bellingham Bay to Artists Point video clip I pedal the entire ride in the 110 holes on a KH36 just to prove to myself it can be done.



Damn, I live in Bellingham and shudder at the thought of riding around on 110s. I have 150mm cranks on my 36er which I normally think are too long, but they work for bham. I also don’t have a brake, so I imagine that would help

So are the two holes in a single steel insert? I have not seen them before.

They aren’t 111/125 though where the holes would touch. The extra three millimetre spacing on 110/127 does help.

Here’s a pic

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Still available?

Hi, I’m definitely interested in this. Are you near Denver?