Nimbus nightrider 36"

well i’ve come to realize that the touring scene is just not for me. while riding that fast on a unicycle is a blast, i’m just not the type to train for a long ride. so i’m putting my 36er up for sale.

here’s the details

  • '09ish Nimbus Nightrider with t7 handle
  • 125mm square taper cranks
  • nimbus gel saddle
  • tire still has like new tread. i haven’t even worn the threads off of this thing
  • this sale also includes a nimbus titan frame. i originally bought a nimbus titan and then upgraded the frame and got the t7. so the original titan frame is also included in this sale and it too is in as close to brand new condition as they come.
  • not sure about the pedals that are on it, but i think they’re the stock UDC metal ones. i’ll also include a brand new set of plastic pedals if you so desire.

the t7 handle has a few scratches in the front from some UPDs but the back bar on it is in perfect condition. i took a piece of an old foam pool toy, and wrapped it around the back bar of the t7 to help protect it from UPD’s.

ok folks, i really would like to make cash on this but i may also be up for a trade of sorts; but i’ll get to that in a second. i’m thinking $400 + shipping. now i know that sounds like a lot, but a new nightrider is $575 on UDC. not only are you getting a almost brand new nightrider, but you’re also getting a spare frame to go along with it, so i’m pretty sure you’re getting a good deal here.

things i may consider trading for.

  • a longneck KH frame
  • 24" nimbus or KH muni
  • a koxx, alien, or addict longneck frame
  • a complete addict or alien street uni (must be true ISIS so that i can use moments on it)
    all those things are potential trades, but depending on quality i may also want some cash to go along with it considering i can buy most of those things with the $400 i’m asking for the uni.

so there you have it, if you have anything else you want to try and trade feel free to ask me. also any questions feel free to ask. i’ll post pictures later this evening.

well i guess it’s good that noone has showed interest as of yet, as plans have slightly changed. my dad has finally decided to learn to unicycle and asked that i keep the 36 because he’d like to use it once he learns to ride. so at this point in time its no longer for sale.

Well, if your dad gets discouraged keep me in mind…:wink:

U’r Dad will get tired and not even use the 36er. sell it cause he will not use it

do you have pictures