Nimbus Nightrider 36"

Nimbus Nightrider 36"
Vetta RT255 cycle computer
T7 Handle Bar
Snafu pedals
Alpina LX plastic fender
Handle bar bell
Magura HS33 hydraulic brake
Kris Holm Fusion Freeride seat
Nightrider tire

Looking for reasonable offers.


I originally purchased for Ride the lobster.

I use the 29" more then this so my loss is your gain.

Opps, this picture was taken before Magura HS33 brakes installed.

I can PM more pictures on request.

Thanks for looking.

36in big wheel uni

How much are you asking for your 36in big wheel uni.

Nimbus Nightrider pro 36"

You can purchase this unicycle new on for $655.00

Or you can (PM) Private Message me your offer.

Thanks for looking

36 unicycle for sell

Not for sure how to use the “PM” mesage in this page. Can you email me at I would like to make you a offer. Thanks tj

email your offer

You may email your offer to.

More comments re Nimbus Nightrider Pro 36"

I took my 36" out for a ride tonight.

Forgot how smooth it was riding, turning, and large speed on straight-away’s.

There was some water on the trails but my fender kept the spray of water and dirt from making its mark on my back.

Wore my wrist band gps said I was going 22km/hr in sections.

The T7 bar was great for leaning forward and peddling up massive speed bursts that arn’t possible on my 29".

Then I tried some of the really steep hills… No problem with the hydraulic rim brakes.

Of course the trails are busy so the bell mounted on the handle bar was handy instead of constantly yelling passing on your left or excuse - me passing from behind.

Shit this is a nice unicycle.

On the negative side shipping costs between Canada and USA are expensive, so is the customs. I don’t understand why the government has to have its hands in every ones pockets!

Sorry for ranting. This is a great unicycle with some extra accessories.
It rides really well.

My hope someone interested will purchase it and enjoy it.

Thanks for looking.

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures. You can see the red magura HS33 brakes, and the T7 bar. You can’t see the bell mounted on the T7 bar (but its there).
I wrapped the T7 bar in rubber and reflective tape so UPD would not scuff it.

The fender is plastic and has a battery operated light which has 6 modes of light. The modes begin with constant on and 5 other modes of pattern flashing. A great safety feature for early morning rides or late rides.

The cranks are the standard 125’s and pedals are upgraded snafu (lots of grip).
Yup, its dusty and dirty from it’s last ride.

There are no rips, tears, or scuffs on the seat.



Is it a Nightrider or Nightrider Pro? One is ISIS the other one isn’t and $80 cheaper when new.

Square not isis thankfully

I am thankful these are the square not isis.

The isis has a tendency of coming loose and require regular tightening.

This is not true for all models but a search of the forum will show this appears more often then not.

Never had to tighten the cranks, or deal with squeaks from loose cranks.

As far as the debate over ISIS vs square, my personal experience shows the square does the job on my 36" and 29" and 20 " fine thank you very much.


True. I want to second what you said about customs. Shipping costs across the border are CRAZY. The quoted cost and the delivered cost are two different values. When I purchased a used KH 36 from Canada, UPS tried to charge me another $50 for “fees”. The REAL cost of the duty was about $2.50 plus a surcharge, but UPS had added in various “processing” charges.

Good luck,


Its sold :wink: