Nimbus Nightrider 36" Uni with Qu-Qx Air Saddle For Sale!!!

OK folks, I was a little overzealous and built up 2 36-er unis. My Nimbus Nightrider 36" is up for sale; here are the specs:

  • Frame - Nightrider Cranberry (near new)
  • Hub - UDC super wide cro-moly
  • Cranks - Venture 125mm(BRAND NEW) [I can throw in a pair of 150 square taper cranks if needed]
  • Wheel - Old Coker Steel wheel...... round, true, and sturdy
  • Tire - Nightrider 36" tire (near new)
  • Tube - Coker 36" tube (near new)
  • Pedals - The Shadow Conspiracy Nostra Plastic Pedals (I love these and have a few pair)
  • Seat - Qu-Ax Air Saddle (near new)
  • Seatpost - Kalloy Uno rail-type post (near new)
That's it...... this is a SWEET set-up and I'd ride it daily if I didn't have another 36-er ISIS set-up :o Oh, well, when I get into a sport...... I get obsessed with it. I want $415 plus shipping from Portland, OR or $400, you pick it up :D

My math was off… I need $375 plus shipping for the 36-er or $350 if you come pick her up in Portland :smiley:

I’d also consider trading it for a KH 29" uni (I’d throw in some cash if necessary)

How much would shipping be to Brockville, Ontario, Canada? (an hour from Ottawa) :slight_smile:

I’ll check but I think it’s going to be at least $100 or more USD

Ok, let me know whenever you find out.

SoMeBoDy is gonna get a sweeet deal : P

I tis wolda have been up on thursday night I would have taken it then and there. DAMMIT
And I went and spent the other half of my tax return on silly things like cable bill, and cell phones… arrrrg

Sorry Tom… It’s tempting isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Hey Ry Guy,

If you know Tony from Cornwall, (rides in Ottawa with the crew) he has things shipped to a US address and then picks them up. Might save you having to deal with a bunch of border hassles.

I can’t think of his member name on here off hand. Could do a search on “calling all Ottawa…” We used to arrange rides on that thread all the time. Might be worth looking into, as this is a sexy 36" that you should definatley have.

Also have a facebook group under Ottawa unicyclist…

Hey Beener,

I am just new to this forum so I don’t really know anybody, but I will for sure look into talking with “Tony” to find out information. And is there a uni group in Ottawa?! :astonished: I would totally want to ride with some other people, since there is basically nobody in Brockville!

Thanks for the tip!

I found his member name, it’s Victory.

I’m in Gatineau… 5 minutes from Ottawa… PM me if you come in Ottawa and you want to ride someday!!:slight_smile:


Sorry Tirving for that :o

Ok will do!

Threadjackers!!! :DNo worries… I think this forum is more about community and less about selling stuff.

I’ll box it up and see what I can do about shipping it to Canada.

is it still forsale

Indeed it is… Interested? :slight_smile:

yes, but would be aleast a week before i could get it

I’d be OK with that… are you going to come pick it up?
Ideally, some sort of deposit and deciding on a specific date and holding it for you until that date upon which you’ll come pick it up and pay me the rest.

What do you think?

Ok once you find out the shipping cost let me know. Thanks!

Zipper, are you still interested? I’d definitely wait as it means I won’t have ti fuss with shipping it to Canada. Let me know either way… Right now, it’s still up for grabs and I can even take credit cards if need be.