Nimbus Nightfox Ride & Review

Here’s my Nightfox ride review. Was the most work I’ve ever done on a video. Watch till the end to see the “Cross Country throw & catch” with new UDC sponsored rider, Liz Wilson! Hope you enjoy:

Awesome as usual :wink: I’m curious when in Muni mode where did you mount the brake lever with the shadow handle base? Seems like the lever would be to low if mounted to the shadow bar that close to the seat…

Thanks. :slight_smile: For he MUni segment I used a very short KH t-handle and mounted the brake to that. the nice thing about the brake lever is that you can adjust it up/down to for the perfect reach.

Brake lever/line clearance for shorter riders

Good observation. You’re right! I sourced a short (12") straight bar thinking I would start my 11 year old daughter out with something less intimidating than the T of a fully extended Shadow Handle. It’s fine if your 6’ tall but she only reaches the pedals (127mm cranks) when the Nightfox is in it’s lowest position and in that lowest position, there is no room for a brake lever (unless perhaps it were way out on the end of that Shadow Handlebar. Look at this picture and imagine if it were set up for a very short rider. It does not work. Her brake is still in the box.

Here’s a frame cap from my video showing Liz with her NF. She is an example of who this 36er was made for. She is 5 feet tall or maybe slightly shorter. Plenty of clearance on the lever above the tire. Ans btw, the frame’s legs are almost fully retracted. And remember, the lever is usually much higher up, next to the bar ends, as seen in the lowest pic, so the clearance thing would be moot. And the second pic shows the saddle as low as it goes. It’s also MUCH easier to use the break in this position since it’s right there and easy to use at the bar ends. It would be very awkward to be riding with your hands outstretched, holding the shadow handle, then have to reach way down to use the brake.



Is there any way to attach the new KH Fusion Zero saddle to the Nitefox? Methinks there is a revolution under way…

Sadly, no, since there is no seatpost or seat tube on the NF, so the saddle is attached with four bolts directly to the frame bracket. So in its current configuration, the Fusion Zero would not fit unless the base was made with the traditional 4 bolt pattern.

LOL… Ok that was clever. And great cameos Liz & co. I’m surprised at how rigid the ride is – sounds like they did a nice job. Now if only those legs were shocks… :smiley:

Shocks on a uni would only rob the rider of power as the length of the pedal stroke would change every time the shocks would go up/down, resulting in a very “mushy” feeling ride. And would be totally useless on a MUni when doing drops, since the rider’s weight would be off the saddle and on the pedals, where the shocks would have no effect whatsoever.

Here’s on of the many uses for all the space above the tire, between the frame.

I’m riding in “mono”, but cruising in stereo! :sunglasses: