Nimbus MUni

Has anyone tried a Nimbus MUni? They look OK, but I think they have a cotterless hub.

Yup. Works great, no sign of the hub or cranks bending or stripping from hopping or small drops less than 1 foot. Unless you know you’re gonna go big on the drops, cotterless is plenty strong.

The torker 24" DX is cheaper, and splined, but you can’t fit a real big tire in there.

I think this picture may tell you all you need to know, I never did much more than 1ft jumps and after 9 months this happened. However, the current Nimbus Muni has the wide CrMo hub so should withstand more abuse, as i said about the nimubs trials, this uni is great aslong as you accept that one day you’re going to have to change the hub/get a new uni.


dsc02320 (small).jpg

they look good and stuff but ur better off getting a more expensesive uni

My friend has a Nimbus and he’s done 2 and a half to three foot drops with no breakage.

Aw crap, my cranks are going to shear off :frowning:

Guess I should start planning a major upgrade, splined hub/crank set + brakes…

I agree. Sometimes, I wish that I had started with a stock Nimbus. My total parts/repair/replace cost would have been sigificantly less.

My Nimbus Muni is just under a year old, and is (im)patiently awaiting the hub upgrade. I have done 2ft drops on it, and 1ft drops, and eventually snapped the axle doing a 180 on the flat, which was prolly only 6 inches :wink:

Great starter for muni or as a 2nd uni, but yeah, accept that an upgrade is inevitable. Anyone want to donate to the “Buy-Nick-A-Hub” fund? (I’m going through uni withdrawal)

DO NOT DO ANYTHING BIG ON THIS UNI!!! works great for trail riding and really small drops. but yeah, upgrades gotta happen. I bent my cranks trying a 6 foot drop and juding by that pic… im luck to not be talking really really high… if you get my drift…

eh… my bro had one and it worked great. the new ones have a crmo axel, should work a lot better. he did up to 3’ drops, and eventually bent the stock cranks. Not the axel, mind you. The new new ones are even better, I think. I know a guy who has one, and it’s a good uni. has the new KH saddle handle, which is a bonus, alloy cranks, which I suppose are ok, etc.

I’d go with a qu-ax unless you just want to do XC though. qu-ax is pretty cheap, the best for its price. The Nimbus is even cheaper, and it’s probably the best for its price as well. So, it all depends on price range and how big you’re gonna go. I’d say a new nimbus would be good for up to 2/2.5’ drops. It’s not weak, at least not the new ones.

I suggest a torker DX with a beefier offroad tire,not neccisaraly a 3.00" tire,but a little smaller.It would be almost the same price,and MUCH stronger.I’ve taken my DXs on multiple 5 foot drops,and a million 4 foot or so drops,and its fine.

Okay,that was etheir stupid,brave,or both.:smiley:

I’ve been riding a Nimbus II 26" for about nine months, and I’m very happy with it. I use it mostly for cross-country riding - some of it is rocky, but no jumping or riding off cliffs. With my riding style I don’t think there is a problem with strength, but if I was into jumping about and riding off walls I would think a stronger hub would be a good idea.

Mine’s got the black UDC chromo hub, by the way, which is probably a bit stronger than the older type.

BTW… are Torkers only available in the US? I’ve heard loads of people going on about how good value they are, but I’ve never seen one for sale here.