Nimbus muni

Hiya george here

Might be getting a new nimbus muni 24"(orange).

Any ideas if its a good buy :thinking:

I’m looking at getting one too, but the 26". Look like good munis to me…

Good choice

Cheers fir replying(first time on this)

George E

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Only ‘thinking’ of getting a muni??? :thinking: :slight_smile:
I have the black version. I swapped the saddle and the seat post for one of Mr Holms’s…and I <3 IT! :smiley:

I have the 26" Nimbus in black, and I absolutely love it. I have done trials and trails on it, both of which I love. :smiley: I can’t get enough of it! I have got a few friends into MUni; one of them are/is looking at getting the 24" in orange too. Although I haven’t ridden the 24", I would like to.
Something to consider though: the Nimbus Oracle is coming out next month, fitted out the box with a disc brake. It might be worth holding on a week or two and seeing if that one is in your price range…


I think thats the one for me

Im not sure is it worth 250 yet though

How much is it do you know?

We’ll have to wait and find out. I’m guessing around £300-£400, but that is only a guess. The 24" unis are about £250, the disc brake might add another £100, or more…

Thanks for that

Are you getting one, maybe

Please Tell me how much it is when u find out thanks:D

The oracle

I like what I’ve seen of the oracle, but I fear it will be out of my price range do the 26 muni looks pretty good to me!

I’d like one, but I still need to pay off my latest uni :smiley: Also, I’ve got the nimbus muni with a hs33 brake, which I really don’t want to replace - I love it too much.

The current price of the Nimbus Muni is definately worth it IMO ($320 US). The only other new Muni at a similar price is the Torker DX, which is heavier, no brake mounts, and from what I hear, suffers from poor quaility control. The only other option is used, check that part of the forums.

Seen? Where?

I haven’t seen anything, just that the frame will be aluminum and an inbound disc brake mount on the hub. (Roger didn’t actually say that it will come w/ the disc in the post I read).

Even w/o the disc itself included, I bet the new hub and lighter frame would add at least $100 to the current $320.

Not whole uni, but some parts still: