Nimbus Muni-vs-Torker DX

I’m new to riding. I was thinking of getting either a 2010 Nimbus Muni 24 or a 2010 Torker DX 24.
I was wondering which would be better as I progress to dirt?
Also, which is lighter?
Are there different models of the Nimbus Muni 24? If so, which is comparable to the DX in price and performance.
Thanks so much, I am super psyched on riding.

Go nimbus, a friend of mine has one and it rides like a dream. If you have the cash get the kh moment cranks although the standard nimbus ventures will serve you well :slight_smile:

The Nimbus is known to be solid. The Torker is a bit of an unknown right now. The hub on the Torker is potentially stronger than the Nimbus hub, not to mention the CrMo ISIS cranks it comes with. In fact if the parts on the Torker are anything like their potential, they are probably as strong as you could get on a uni. The only problem is that the uni just became available recently, and there aren’t very many out there. In time we will all know how it fairs, but for now it will take a bit of a leap of faith on the part of would be MUni riders.

CrMo Frame
36 spoke wheel, ISIS
Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks, aluminum
Magura Brake mounts, nice if you ever plan on running brakes
3" tire
weight (per UDC) 16 lbs.

CrMo Frame
48 spoke wheel, ISIS
Torker CroMoly ISIS cranks
NO BRAKE BOSSES, not important if you never plan on running brakes.
2.6" tire
weight (per UDC) 15.2 lbs.

Go with the nimbus. Better components imo and known to be compatible with other high end components (read KH gear) if you get more into it. If you hold out a little while it looks as though the new line of nimbus models will be disc brake compatible (see the thread about the new nimbus 36er that was up a little while ago). If you are serious about muni a brake is neccessary so get a uni with a frame that can either take maguras or the new wave of disc brake options.

Get the Nimbus, I just bought one last week. 24" in orange:D
Rides like a dream, can be upgraded to KH cranks and has maggie mounts.
It seems strong enough for all I will ever need it for.

Having said that I know nothing about the Torker so someone elses opinion may be more valid.