Nimbus muni vs. Torker DX?

If given the choice between the Nimbus 24" with ISIS hub or the Torker DX 24", which would be better for mountain unicycling (strongest)? Just starting out with muni and would like something that I can grow with and use for a long time as my skills increase.

The Niumbus 24’ is for you then. I would not reccomend the DX at all, its a good strong uni but is heavier and not up to Isis standards(not as compatible with other parts).

Nimbus, no competition. I have ridden them both btw. The Torker is super heavy and the Nimbus was both lighter and smoother.

I have a Torker and I completely agree that the Nimbus is the way to go…but if you want to buy my Toker let me know (thank God I’m not in sales).

Just a note for Torker

wait till the 2009 Torker comes out. Its NOT going to be the same unicycle at all. I will say i am waiting to get the new prototype of the 09 but i have helped design it. the frame will be very similar to the Nimbus and Yuni frames, ISIS hubs, little bit different style cranks but same rim. the new frame is going to be just over a pound lighter along with the ISIS hub is lighter as well. I can’t wait till i get the prototype, i will let all you know how it is, i would have it already if the people at the factory weren’t such morons and screwed up the first time,lol. but i should be getting closer to getting it. I can’t wait to get to spread the word around about it when i can actually ride it.

If prototypes are just being built now wouldn’t it be closer to 2010 by the time the new and improved Torker comes out? You know time to test the design and all.

As for Torker vs Nimbus both have their strong parts.

The 24" Torker DX probably has stronger stock cranks than the 24" Nimbus ISIS but they are made for a non standard interface therefore more expensive and harder to replace.
The Torker has 48 spokes vs 36 on the Nimbus. this many spokes with such a small rim makes it a bit hard to true the wheel but results in a very strong build.
The Nimbus has a wider rim resulting in a more stable feel and less tire folding.
The Nimbus comes with a 24x3" Duro while not my favorite MUni tire is way nicer than the 24X2.6" Kenda that the Torker comes with.
The Torker frame has a narrower profile which can be nice if you hit your knees on your frame but is way overbuilt and really heavy.
Both come with decent saddles. I have never tried the Nimbus saddle but the Torker saddle can be modified to be very comfortable.

about it taking so long, i know what you mean, I have been waiting for months for this thing. its really been pissing me off, but as i mentioned, the stupid people at the factory screwed up in a very dum way. first off they did everything right, except put the old hub on, not the ISIS like its supposed to be. now, they fixed it but the cranks won’t fit right, so a guy was sent to the factory this week actually to fix the stupid problem. but the biggest reason why the uni is taking so long and why Torkers aren’t as good as the others is because the guys that design them also design Redline bicycles. unicycles aren’t real high on thier priority list. So i am helping them to make them better.

Jeez relax. :roll_eyes: I’m sure it will turn out fine if you keep on those guys. I hope the torker 09 turns out awesome. I have heard just touching one could either kill you or instantly make you the best unicyclist ever.:stuck_out_tongue: Have any pics of the epic beast you could show?

unfortunatly i don’t have any pics, all i have ever seen of it was the frame i picked out. other than that, everything else has just been talk. the head designer wouldn’t send me the first pic becasue it was wrong, when the factory screwed up. but he did say everything else was good on it. so hopefully i will be riding it in the next few weeks+. but we will see, they told me it would be a few weeks a few months ago.

You would think that if you were sponsored by a company or testing out their parts you wouldn’t speak so poorly of them in the open like that. I’m sure if they saw you talking like that about them they wouldn’t be too impressed and might consider finding someone else they can trust.

The 24" Torker DX is actually a much better uni than the 20" one, and believe it or not the 24" feels much lighter than the 20". If I wasn’t given such a good deal on the muni I have now (free) I probably would have never upgraded from the Torker. After upgrading the tire to a 3" wide duro tire I was almost completely satisfied.

That being said however, I say go for the Nimbus when comparing to the current torker models. The Nimbus has a more comfortable seat and a wider, better rim - it also comes stock with a 3" wide tire. Being ISIS its more upgradable than the current Torkers.

I dont know, cause if I was sponsored by Kh or Torker, Koxx, UDC and they did something dumb, id go straight to them and go “You idiots, look what you did. You should of done this, now lets fix it.”

I do that anyways, at least someone isnt going to get tied down into unicycle secrecy from a sponsor and just be blunt about what needs to be done. Koxx would really hate someone like that.

I don’t necesarily talk bad about them, its not the HQ’s fault, its the chinese and taiwan that are taking forever and making mistakes. I don’t blame the designer. and i always tell them what they need to fix and i try to help them come to conclusion to fix it. they are really cool guys to work with, given i get to see them in person. I have strait up told them what i don’t like about the AX 29" that they actually gave me. I am really exited about the 09 whenever it gets here. TOTALLY different uni.

After hearing your posts I will deff not buy it. You make it sound like they are all incompetent.
Either you are making it up or you will loose your job.


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2009-01-22 02:42 PM
haha, i am friends with the guy that made them, thats alot of reason why he did it,LOL. some them really are kinda funny, but Torkers have such a bad rep that people look down on them. but now me riding for them is going to make a huge change in thier unis. I want to make a good impact for Torker.[/B]

Ok, so you say you are friends with them but you are downing there choice of factory. This is where they will be made and will be the determining factor weather they are good or not. After what you have said about where they are going to be made I am prob buying a Nimbus.
I am actually in the market and am now turned off completely
You have done your “friends” a great disservice

Srry man, but mostly all of the parts for the unis are made at the same place. for example, KH seats and Torker seats are made at the same exact factory. many many different things around the world are made in the same factories, so that has nothing to do with how good they are. I am not talking them down, the new design of the 09 models will be way better than they current models. maybe your just misunderstanding or something, Torker are getting better. I am just describing why i am still waiting for the new prototype, and explaining why its not the guys at the HQ’s fault. That company can’t just concentrate on unicycles like Nimbus, Quax or KH because they also design Redline Bicycles. I am not trying to argue this, I am just explaining why you might have missunderstood.

Maybe Torkers at a discount

There still seems to be a lot of dx Torkers in the supply line. In this down economy, perhaps these will be sold off for 150 $ or so.

The uni internet price -value shuffle is on going. I am sure the left over Torker dx models will be discounted soon ( * bs), they can be a good value but are way over priced now, compared to the alternatives.

I’d still go with a uni with an Isis hub either way as they are more compatible with other parts and are lighter.
Plus the torker frame is horrible. I have two friends with broken DX frames and they are not even that good.

If youre talking about old frames, that doesnt really matter anymore.

Looks like the same frame that my friends broke, very weak.