Nimbus Muni vs. Club Muni

Hey guys, I made a post here a while back regarding what style and size of uni I should get and I am still thinking I’ll go with a 24" Muni. I’ll be getting the uni I decide on for my birthday which is later this month. I have narrowed it down to two options now - the Club 24" Muni or the Nimbus 24" Muni, the nimbus being double the price meaning that I would probably have to put some of my money into it.
Do you guys think that the Nimbus is worth the price over the Club one. Just as a side note, I will probably be changing the tyre to a Hookworm.
From what I have read, the hub (Isis or cotter less) seems to be the main upgrade. So, all in all, do you think that the Nimbus is worth the doubled price tag over the Club.

Thanks, Jacob

An isis hub is definitely worth the upgrade. As your skills progress, you tend to do things that put more stress on the hub. Cotterless is a fine interface, but an isis hub will stand up to years of use and abuse.

Would it be your first unicycle?

The first unicycle I bought was an inexpensive Torker LX 24". In retrospect, now that I know how serious I’ve been about unicycling, riding off-road and doing jumps, I could have bought a nicer unicycle to begin with.

I’d go with the Club MUni for now. I’m sure it’s strong enough to handle everything you’ll be doing on it, for the time being. Later on, if you are still serious (and we want you to be), you’ll have an even better idea of what you want for your second unicycle.

Another, more radical idea: If you are only fourteen, maybe you can make a deal with your parents. First, with your own money, buy something really cheap on Craigslist, good enough to learn to mount and ride around the block. Show them you’re serious about learning, then maybe they’ll put down the money for something nicer, next time.

MUni is da bomb, for sure, but you might still consider starting out with a modest trials/street unicycle. You can still ride a 20" off road, and you can learn a whole bunch of other cool technique on it, too.

In my experience most 14 year olds are too rough for the club Muni. It is worth going for the ISIS hub unicycle. The cotterless unicycles do not have a good upgrade route. The Nimbus Muni are great durable unicycles.


I really do like that idea and I have found old unicycles for sale cheap in Australia but not near to with postage to where I am (Cairns)


Anyway, I’ve come up with a decision (for now anyway). Long story short, I work at maccas but I’m only on 3 hours a week which is terrible. I have applied for a certificate 2 which among other stuff, guarantees me of 10 hours a week. So I have decided that if I get accepted to do the certificate I’ll get the Nimbus, if I don’t, I’ll get the Club.

Thanks for your advice guys, although I like saving my money, I’m happy to put in for a quality product.

One forgets the price, but quality remains.
Favorite film quote ever!

I have a 26" Club Muni which is waiting for me in the U.S. (just in case I ride in this far away country :p)
It is ok … it withstands my falls (but I my riding style is more sedate than the riding style of fearless teens! :D)
Are there potential buyers if you switch later to a stronger model?

Regarding durability, the most traumatizing thing for a beginner’s unicycle is dropping it, over and over, in the street. I assume most unicycles can handle this sort of abuse, and that the Club MUni is no exception. Seats seem to suffer the most from hitting the street.

Kind of off-topic, but in my experience, for new unicycles, you need to tighten all the bolts, or at least check the tightness of them, before each ride. That’ll prolong the life of your uni. After a while, the need for re-tightening tapers off, but it is good, nevertheless, to check. After the unicycle falls hard on the street, that might be a good time to check tightnesses.

I love that! I remember a friend deriding me for having high quality leather flip-flops. But he replaced his cheap pair every few months while I had owned mine for over two years. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really any potential buyers. Unless some miracle happens and my brother sees that there’s more to life than Facebook!

Still thinking I’ll see how my job goes and go from there.

Thanks for the help guys

sigh I need to stop researching and just decide.
I just stumbled upon this - it’s 24" which is what I want, Isis hub and a brand with a good reputation and it seems that the stock tyre is a cross between a muni tyre and something like a Hookworm and it is also is a decent price.

Do you guys think that this uni suits my needs. What I’m after is a 24" uni that’s good quality, has a tyre thats alright on a mix of pavement as well as gravel and dirt, and one that won’t bust the bank.

Lastly, if I did want to upgrade to Muni, assuming the tyre would fit, how would this uni go?

So, does the 24" Nimbus II seem like a better choice over the two I have been debating between?

Thanks a lot for all this help guys.

By the specs it looks like it is great uni for the dollars but I have never seen one. I was considering the 26 inch version before I bought my KH26 muni.

Freestyle is for skater-like tricks on a flat surface. It won’t necessarily be built for big drops like a dedicated muni.

The main thing is to get a uni and start riding. You will soon realise there is no one uni for all riding and you will love each of the unis you eventually buy. I have five now but my collection is very basic. (I think about nine is a reasonable number.)

A cheapo one will be quite handy one day for letting your friends have a go while you ride your Kris Holm muni. (Assuming you move your career beyond Macca’s one day. ;))

Also assuming you take to it of course. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially once the realisation of the slope on the learning curve kicks in.

If you do become a serious participant, spending little on a starter now means you are closer to the one your really want later. If you don’t then you have not blown a fortune.

I wouldn’t give up on a second hand one just yet. They come up quite often on gumtree and ebay and you can get some real bargains if you are patient. All my unis were online purchases.

You are doing good research and you know the market. Tell the universe what you want and believe that the right one will come along. It always worked for me.:slight_smile:

Great! That’s precisely the number in my stable :)! (and I am not practising trial or flat! )

  • edit: oops I forgot the one which is a circus “split-bike” (so there are actually 10!)
    (happily my house is built over an old factory so I’ve go plenty of room to store “things” :roll_eyes: )

That’s a cool uni you found here. It’s a Nimbus, they’re well built. That one has a road tire, so it might get by in flat-ish trails (more like paths) but for muni you’ll need stronger. You could set a knobby tire on that one - though the rim is narrow, so you won’t be able to put a huge tire - and use it off road.

All the replies you got make sense, and are on the same line… there is not a standard uni, if you get into it, you’ll quickly want several. Unless you really specialize in one area - some freestylers/trialers only do that - you’ll quickly have two or three in the stable.

Maybe best is to get a cheap one to begin with. As said above, you won’t know if you like the sport until you take it on, and put dedication into it because it takes quite a while to be able to just ride around the block.