Nimbus muni/some distance

Just curious. Would the 29’’ cruising nimbus work decent for muni, or should I get a 26’’ muni and would that work decent for some longer rides? Thanks


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The answer to your question is maybe. The 29" Nimbus will work for MUni as long as you don’t ride it too hard–it depends on your definition of MUni. The square taper cranks and single wall rim could be kind of weak for full on MUni but should be fine for gentle trail riding (no drops, only rolling).

Also, what do you consider long? Most people prefer 36" wheels for distance riding, meaning 10s of miles, but a 26 or 29 would work alright for shorter rides.

i think the nimbus 29 has an isis hub not square taper cranks

I guess it depends on which Nimbus 29 we’re talking about.

isis one
And by longer rides I mean…longer than I can do w/ my 20’’ haha. I just mean could I do decent rides w/ a 26’’. Not like 20 mile rides but decently long ones.

Both unis can be used for cruising and some Muni, the thing is that a 29er is slightly taller and usually lighter and therefore much better for riding on the road, a 26 is usually built a bit heavier, stronger and has an awesome range of tires to choose from.

a 26er may be slightly more versatile (due to tire choice) and can take more abuse but a 29er would be better for riding fast.

I would say if you focus more on cruising around then a 29 would be more suitable but if you do stuff that might break it a 26 could be the answer.

If you could upgrade the rim to a KH and add the KH double holed cranks the Nimbus 29 would be a great do anything machine.

mmk thanks
If anything I’ll just get a 26’’. :slight_smile: