Nimbus muni of torker DX

I’m looking into buying a new muni but im not sure what to get. I was thinking about getting a nimbus muni but now UDC is out of stock, so im looking at a torker DX. Should I go with the DX or wait until the nimbus muni is back in stock? Is there anyone who has used both and has any suggestions about which i should get? I can’t afford anything much more expensive than the nimbus. Thanks in advance. (the title is supposed to be “Nimbus muni or torker DX” not “of”)

Wow, they have a hard time keeping nimbus munis in stock… guess that’s a good thing for them. :o I wonder when their next shipment comes in.

yeah they can’t seem to stay in stock long enough for me to order one

I have a 2011 Torker DX (the woodgrain look frame) and I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve been too lazy to post a review, but I had problems with the cranks and hub, the wheel build, and the seatpost clamp. I had to rebuild the wheel after the first offroad ride, and eventually ended up replacing hub and cranks. And I had to make a seatpost shim to get the seatpost to stay put.

I’m sure I got a bad example, since they can’t all be that bad, but at the very least, they have serious quality control issues.

Oh, and the crank bolts stripped right away at some ridiculously small torque, either the bolts or the threading tapped into the axle were out of spec.

If you can wait until April, it sounds like there will be some new Nimbus options.

wow sounds like either the DX isn’t nearly as good as i thought it was or you had really bad luck when you got it.

if the nimbus munis really do come back in stock in april then i will probably get one of them. does anyone else have anymore suggestions before i make my final decision?

I too am getting the nimbus 24 in april but you might want to check out the new nimbus oracle that is also coming in april

I wonder how expensive the oracle will be when it comes out. If it isn’t too expensive it could be another option.

I also want to try some street riding. Would the nimbus 24" strong enough?

I asked UDC when they’d get more nimbus mUni’s in stock because I also want one. They said they’re coming in the April shipment.

Definitely. I think that the Nimbus muni rim is one of the strongest 24" unicycle rims available.

Ok that’s good. I have done more research and found that the DX is really strong, but there have been some manufacturing problems with it. Because of that I think I will almost definitely get the nimbus muni since it is also very strong and has fewer manufacturing problems.

Which cranks should I get when I order the muni? Should I get the venture IIs or upgrade to the moments? How are the venture IIs? Will I really need the moments because I don’t want to spend all that money on them unless I really need to. Sorry that I’m asking so many questions, but this is my first time buying a unicycle (the two I have now were gifts) and I really want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks for all the help.

Moments are currently on sale at UDC and cheaper than Ventures. If you call UDC, you might be able to talk them into upgrading the cranks for free.

The Ventures are lighter and have less Q-factor, which many like (I preffer more). They are weaker so if you are heavy or plan on doing 3 ft+ drops, I’d definately upgrade.

I checked with UDC on the price to upgrade to moments. For the regular moments it’s free and $13 for the double hole ones. Does the extra hole make the double hole ones any weaker than the single hole ones? I also saw that some reviews say that the ventures are very strong. Are they really as strong as some of these reviews say they are?

Remove any material and it’s going to be weaker, that said, I’ve never heard of anyone breaking ANY moments (including people who’ve done more machining).

The original Ventures aren’t that strong. The Venture II’s are stronger and a tad heavier. I would still not do any big drops w/ them though.

Im going to trust what you’re saying and assume that you’re talking from experience. That said, I’ll get the moments (not sure yet about whether to get the single or double hole ones) as long as they are still on sale and in stock when the munis are back in stock. Thanks for all the help!

I have a 2006 Torker DX 24" that I’m trying to sell. It’s totally stock and I’ve taken it off of 4 foot plus drops with no issues at all. Plus with the 24" wheel it’s been great for just cruising through town and running right over any debree or obstacle. The tough frame and excellent hub and cranks that were featured in this model make it great for any type of stress you put on this thing. I’ll sell you the unicycle for $200 and I’ll throw in a stand for it and $40 shin guards for free. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll post some pictures.

I wish this had been posted a few days ago. sorry but I just ordered the Nimbus muni last night (finally):D. Oh well, thanks anyway way for the offer.

A few more questions before I start using it: I got the 125/150 moment cranks with it, but how strong is the rest of the muni? I know the moments will handle pretty much anything but what about the other parts? Are they just as strong? Please be specific with your answers and don’t give simple answers without details. (I want to know which parts can handle the same amount of stress as the moments and which ones can’t)