Nimbus muni 29

Hi all,

Looking to sell my nimbus 29 muni.

I brought it recently secondhand but as new standard steel frame muni.

I have fitted it with a shimano brake which is icetech 180 rotor with m675 slx lever and m7000 caliper and kris holm 4 bolt brake mount.

I do have the duro crux tyre which was was standard but it’s now on halo twin rail slick tyre.

The unicycle is almost mark free and rides as it should.

I’m looking for around £400 with brake and both tyres or less if wanted without.

I’m south uk based and would be happy to box it up if new buyer wants to arrange for courier to collect.

Please see photos with more if needed.



Hello there,

This uni didn’t happen to be on Ebay by per chance?
I remember seeing one like this with two tyres.

I rather like the look of your uni and it would be and upgrade to my current 29er which has a cotterless hub. I am just wondering what county you live in? I am in Hampshire.


Hi uni Al

I got it off Ebay a while ago in standard form then added the brake. It is in amazing condition.

Im in addlestone surrey so your more than welcome to come view it ,ride it to see if it suits your needs.


Hello m00ms,

I may have to take up your offer of a test ride. I did try 170 cranks on my 29er and I felt them to be a bit too long, maybe the 165s will be slightly better. Also I would love a disc brake uni.

Maybe I can visit you after work in the week or next weekend might be better, I will keep in touch.

I would like to get a club together in my area, but I don’t know of many unicyclists.


The offer is there but I doubt you’ll feel much difference being only 5mm.

Next weekend (18th) is looking busy for me but we can definitely arrange something for another weekend or an evening especially as the longer nights are coming.

I too would love to have a local club as likewise I don’t know any local people to me that rides.



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