Nimbus MUni 24"

At what height does a risible jump become serious? I mean uh, would I break this thing jumpin off ledges? I weigh in at 64kg.

i dont have this uni so i dont know for sure, but my muni has a square tapered hub too and basically it just means that it is not as strong as a splined hub. honestly, dont do anything bigger that 4 feet onto concrete ever and dont do anything more than 3 with any frequency. hope this helps. i think the warning is just to stop e-mails complaining that the cranks broke off during an 8 foot drop!

question on hub

IF the Nimbus Muni 24" is the same as the Nimbus 24-inch MUni then the hub is the new “ wide-flange CrMO hardened steel hub”. Is this hub not likely to be considerably stronger than traditional square tapered hubs (like muniracer’s)?

Re: Nimbus MUni 24"

I don’t know, how high it’s rated but I can do something between 80-90cm drops and haven’t broken anything yet. And it’s that older Nimbus hub that probably comes with that Nimbus too.

i was going to get this muni(nimbus II) if i ever got a muni but i have seen a much better deal on a 24" with splined hub for £180 the nimbus on is "160 so £20 extra and you get a much better hub and crank set so thats what i would now get.

Pete - Muniracer is right on the money with his comments. The hub is not splined so you can’t do big drops on it and expect it to survive very long. The Nimbus MUni 24" on is indeed the same as the UK’s Nimbus 24-inch MUni. The hub has been redesigned and hardened to a hardness similar to that of the Suzue hub.


The hub is actually a lot strongerand tougher than the Susue. The Susue at it’s hardest is 440 vickers while the new hub is about 580 vickers and because it is made from CrMO it is also considerably tougher.

To answer how strong it is and whether it will take big drops. Well in my opinion and from what I have seen so far you will not break the hub. But you will bend cranks if you do persistant big drops or jumps.
A lot of this depends on how you jump, I do regular 12" hops and also 3’ drop offs on a standard susue hub and with “super soft” aluminium cranks that I had to stop selling because we had so many back! and they have not broken in 4 years. But I have see a 60lb kid do 4" drop off and bend Bicycle Euro Steel cranks. Technique has a lot to do with it.