Nimbus muni 24 inch

160 shipped without brake,200 shipped with brakes.I spent all my time on a 26er now,so would like to sell to a good home.Orange 24 nimbus muni,137/165 dual moments,(never been in the 165 position)the rest is all stock except for the brakes,and I did cut the post a little.Excellent cond.I will be taking off those pedals and putting on the stock ones.I only rode cross country type off rode stuff,other than that mostly paved road riding.Please paypal only for both safe transaction

I’ll buy it from you…pm sent.


edit: forgot to mention without the brake.

edit: forgot to mention without the brake.

If jmaddocks wants it without the brakes, I’ll take the setup for the cost difference. $40 (plus shipping, just let me what it is to 80549). I have the same MUni.


sent PM yesterday

I would be willing to buy both the muni and brake setup, and pay for shipping. Looking to get my own muni before moving out to Colorado. If you are also at NAUCC right now you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping.
Ill PM you again with my email and phone#…Very interested


this is sold,thankyou for all the offers and/or replies

I’m not interested in buying… But I’m planning on building my own nimbus muni + a few changes…

Just wondering what tyre is on it??? =P