Nimbus Muni 24" brand new $250

I have a nice 24" Muni that I bought with high hopes of riding, but I took it out once and realized it is not for me. Going to stick with road uni for now. $250 plus shipping. thanks

PM sent.

i didnt receive a pm from you

Is this uni still for sale?

Is this uni still for sale?

How do I send a PM? What is a PM? I am an old middle aged grey haired woman mom type. Trying to find a BD gift for my young hip fab uninut of a son. This is what he wants.

PM is short for Private Message.

Click on fishercat’s username and a menu will pop up. The second option “Send a private message to fishercat” is the one you want.

Got it, thanks!

I was thinking petrified mastodon. But got it now, thanks! Age is hell, but people sure are nice.

hey all. Muni was sold locally.; thanks for the interest !

learn to ride a unicycle and you will not age

also I looked up petrified mastodon. really, really weird results. how r u so funny.