Nimbus Mountain 26" New Condition

I am selling my new Nimbus mountain unicycle that was only tried out inside my apartment and decided I wanted a smaller one.
I have a new Kris Holm saddle and the original is included.
I am asking $300 and $20.00 for shipping, insurance is up to you and extra.
Please email me here at
I can accept Paypal and split the fees.
I can’t figure out how to post pics yet but till I figure it out if you want them just email me.

Pics of the muni from Ghostrider :slight_smile:

I am having trouble with my post I can’t edit anything the edit button is gone. I am revising my post here.

I live near Jacksonville Florida 32003 if you pick up the unicycle I will work with you on the price, I am also open to offers if I have to ship it, I still have the original box I just don’t know what shipping will cost. If you a serious then Email me at the email above and we can figure something out. This was $350 new and the Kris Holm seat was $75 and I have the original seat that is included. I have many deals on a knife forum called Jerzeedevils my screen name is Per-Sev here is a link to my feedback from knives I have sold there.

I have done a lot of deals here buying and selling and I guarantee that I won’t jeopardize my reputation on here just for one sale, I have worked hard to get where I am here so feel free to look at all my positive feedback so you know there won’t be any problems on my end. Thanks

Thanks for posting my pics I appreciate it.

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Ok that’s kind of strange, thanks.

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You may not get a whole lot of interest at that price, even though it is essentially new, it is still used, and you are asking a buyer to pay new price once shipping is included.

UDC covers shipping, which is a really good deal, but on your end you will end up pay $40-60 to ship that uni in the USA. A fair price is $200 plus shipping, but that means you “eat” $120 without getting a whole lot of benefit.

If it hasn’t been that long, have you considered calling UDC and asking if they will exchange it for a smaller wheel? All you’d need to do is repack it and make sure it’s clean.

Last year I bought a used Nimbus 24 muni for $150, it was not new, but it was not trashed.

Another option to consider is keeping the uni, getting a smaller/lighter tire like a hookworm, this will ease the learning curve until you are ready for a fat muni tire. The 26" wheel size is the most universal and will serve you well once you are a better rider.

Good luck with your riding!

I am open to offers but please Email me at I don’t check this site as much and my email has a alert so I know right away I have a message. Thanks

Final price with out the Kris Holm seat.
$260 shipped CONUS only.
I don’t have pics of the stock seat but its mint also. This price does not include the Holms seat just the stock red and black Nimbus seat it came with. Please email me at for fastest respond. I am keeping the Holms seat as a spare seat for my 20" uni.

Here is a pic of the seat that is included.

This is Sold.