Nimbus Longneck freestyle

Recently I broke my KH trials and now i need money to buy a new frame so i am selling my freestyle uni.
I am asking $200 OBO for it.

-KH fusion street gel saddle
-Nimbus longneck frame
-89mm cranks
-Primo “The Wall” tire

I just want to tell everyone, I got to take this unicycle for a spin and it is so smooth. The 89mm cranks make it such a fun uni. For about 10 minutes I was just cruising around a basketball court on it because it’s so fun to ride with those cranks. From what I saw it’s in really good condition and if I wasn’t saving my money for college, I would buy it.

See it in action during the OC basketball game in this vid. Tyler’s the one in black with the black hat. Or just look for the red tire.