Nimbus Longneck 300mm frame: semi-rounded crown?

“So what’s up with this semi-rounded crown?”
“It’s the antichrist! A semi-rounded crown!”
“That’s a big semi-rounded crown!”
“Big semi-rounded crown that thar!”

Ok, while my dialog somewhat based off of the comments from Thumbs about Thumbtanic is sucklicious, the question is legit. What is up with this semi-rounded crown blasphemous mysterious bullship?

As seen here, there is some kind of 300mm Nimbus Longneck “semi-rounded crown” frame that UDC is selling. What it is, I don’t know. But the folks at UDC surely do - hence my e-mail to them that is sitting in my other Firefox tab as we speak:


Can someone please enlighten me on what the “Nimbus Longneck 300mm Semi-Rounded Crown Frame” is? What exactly does “semi-rounded crown” mean? Do you have any pictures? Thank you for any info!

A Nimbus Longneck Frame User and Loyal Customer,
Ty C.[/I]

If any of you have info, that’d be great!


i don’t really consider that semi-round or round at all.
that is the same kind of ‘fork’ i guess, as was (still is, too) on my learner uni.

it really isn’t any different to me, its just a little more smooth around the edges. I think.

i think brian o posted a pic of it somewhere.

My guess is that it is similar to some of the miyata flamingo frames that were at an angle, not rounded but definatly not flat. Still I would like to see a picture

I found the post by Brian O., but there was no picture that I could see. Here is a reply I got from Unicycle.Com:
I am very sorry we do not have a picture of it right now. What it is, the
crown of the frame has a slight downward slope to it. I hope that helps and
if you need anything else please ask.

Best Regards,

Your team[/I]

Yeah, sorry I no longer have the pictures but I can describe the frame, the frame isnt rounded so much as it is slanted. The area where you would normally put your foot is not flat it is angled downward and at the same time doesn’t provide much foot room. The frame seemed pretty good for one foot skills but definitly not for standup tricks (which is why you would want a longneck in the first place) If you want me to be more detailed let me know. I received their last 300mm flat crown longneck and am willing to sell it if anyone is interested.

thats funny, i sent mine back a day after i got it with this message…“why would this frame be sold as Expert” if there is 2 inches of gap above the tyre"?

Oh, and the crown sounds like a “sloping crown” found on racing bikes and Miyata deluxes.

The semi-rounded frame’s crown looks exactly like the one on this unicycle: