Nimbus ISIS!!

So, I got my nimbus isis trials and it is amazing!! If you are thinking of upgrading to one I strongly suggest it. I just rode it for the first time and I can already do stuff I was having a hard time with. I can now jump up stairs, do small drops(I’m not sure how hi our porch is) turn on a dime, and much more.
It is still kinda weird using a 20" instead of my el cheapo 24".

So if you are in the same situation that I was in, trying to decide if its worth it to upgrade, it is.

very very soon caus i just broke my quax cross seat, did u get the momment cranks?

yes but there was a mix up so they will be getting here next week.

if you broke your seat then just get a new seat… dont get a whole new unicycle!

WHAT!! I normaly just throw my whole uni away, Iv done it twice now. So you can just get a new seat can you? I thought it was all one peice.

are you serious!!

Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea im just jking

my rims kinda bent to and i got some money so…

lol, you cant get new seats you have to reweld that stiffner plate over and over again marcus!

and fair enough its your money mate, just seems silly to say :“broke my seat gonna get a new unicycle…”

i also want longer cranks, and i wanted a shorter crown for flat