Nimbus ISIS v.s KH ISIS Hubs

valuable info!

im not really that worried about looks though, so its not that big of an issue( at all) i just like that this hub is in a complete wheel, at a good price, an i also dont need to get it laced now!!

yeah that is interesting. Could the paint be a different thickness, or material?

+1 i’d love to see it!

actually, they are about the same.

KH vs Nimbus

Keep in mind that that Numbus rim is only 42mm wide and the KH rim is 47mm wide. Rim width is a major factor in Largening the volume of the tire and preventing tire fold on those huge sideways jumps and gaps. Also most of the rim strength comes from the part of the rim that catches the tire’s bead. Making a rim wider or drilling holes in it are going to have less of an effect on strength. It is the same concept as in an I-beam.


That is very puzzling, almost makes me doubt the strength of the nimbus hubs. The hole drilled through Kh hubs are pretty large diameter and must loose quite a bit of wieght and I dont think it realy compramises strength at all. But the nimbus ISIS hubs are still slightly lighter? how can it be?

Advancements in technology maybe. :thinking:

Or less material, less dence, weaker material. does anyone know the answer for this?

Has anyone e-mailed UDC yet to ask them?

Apparently the KH sig cutouts were intended to make it less easy for produciton facilities to rip off Kris’s design using the tooling, and sell them unbranded on the side.

Uhuh…except if you were ripping it off and selling it unbranded you might as well not add the cutouts. I can’t see the cutouts adding any performance advantage to the hub.

I don’t think the KH hub would be any weaker from having a hollow axle, because there wouldn’t really be much stress on the middle of the axle because it would all go into the spokes.

Maybe the nimbus hub being lighter was a typo because if it is made out of the same material, then it wouldn’t make any sense to be lighter.

haha i sure as hell hope this wheel is good, b/c i ordered it last thursday… and it should arive this thursday. i calculated it and found out that this is i think 15g lighter than the kh wheelset… though thats basically nothing. i bought this to replace my kh wheelset with a koxx undrilled rim. i just got the rim and put it on, laced it all up, and its WAY to heavy. so i got rly lazy this time so instead of buying a different rim i just bought this wheel b/c o the good reviews and its such a good deal… so yea. i hope this lasts me (ive badly bent both the KH and Alex DX rims… so we’ll c wat happens with this one…)

Strenght and Material

Many times when you remove material you actually create strenght. The classic example is the “blood Grooves” on the sides of knife and sword blades. Most poeple think that they are there to facilitate the bleeding of the victim. This is not true. By adding the blood grooves you are removing material but you are adding surface area to the blade. This makes it much stronger like an I-Beam. The danger with hollow tubes as compared to solid bars is “nicking” once the tube gets a nick it will then bend in that place. However I don’t think that this is a problem for hubs because it is kind of hard to hit them in the middle. They have a wheel around them!


mine too:) . i hope its good

I heard that the KH spindle is made of a higher quality metal than the Nimbus and therefore similar strength. But why the Nimbus is lighter? I heard it was the other way around.

In addition to being wider the 07 rim’s walls are thicker so strength is about the same, even though it’s drilled.

Regularly make sure your rim is trued and tensioned properly. If you do this as well as always roll out of drops you should never break rims. Or maybee you aren’t exacly light and/or you ust ride REALLY hard, then get 13 ga. spokes.

The materials are identical on the two hubs. They have the same tempering. The difference in weight could just be the samples that were weighed or possibly that the holes in the flanges of the Nimbus are slightly bigger… not sure. Basically they are the same weight, our weighing scale is very accurate, not many can weigh as accurately as it can (it is an ex-post office scale).


i dont really do drops that often, both were bent going down a 6 stair. I was trying some twists down it and w/ twists theres a possibility of landing sideways, which can brake an Alex DX 32 even if the spokes were tightened very well 5 days before.
so yea, sure hope the nimbus holds up if i ever mess up on a twist down a set…

you bent them off a 6 stair… something was loose or you had NO rollout

w/ the kh im not sure that the spokes were completely tight although i am quite postive. but yea sometimes u land a bit sideways wen ur trying things that aren’t simply gapping… which does tend to bend the rim.

Umm sorry darling, but any removal of material will always result in a decrease in strength. A solid beam is always stronger than an I beam (both with the same outer dimensions). Sure the removal of material will increase its strength to weight ratio, but is doesn’t increase its strength. But you did do a very good job at finding examples to ‘prove’ your point, keep it up.

i just got my wheel. the nimbus DOES have flange cut outs AND a drilled axle, this may explain weight. however, i am very disappointed. the spokes just rub on the frame, the flanges are much wider than my qu-ax 10 spline. i was wondering if i should try and sand,file the spokes down where they hit, or send it back. i also got KH moments with the order, and they were loose in the box, bouncing around and now have several minor dents and scratches, as well as on the rim, i am very let down by this order. i think that UDC and sites of that sort should have lists of part compatibility.