Nimbus ISIS v.s KH ISIS Hubs

Hey everyone, on UDC i have noticed that the nimbus isis and kh isis are the same price for just the hub. i was wondering which is better(stronger, lasts longer, and lighter?) I would definatly go with the KH if i just got the hub, but i found this wheel set, for a really good price, i think, and was wondering if this would be a good setup if i went with this wheel and KH moment cranks.

Thanks for all help!

fuckaduck thats cheap! its an amazing wheel as well, way better than kh in my opinion cos black hub is cooler and the rim kh05 unbranded and is stronger than the 07kh.

Thats nice and a great price. Not as wide as the new rims, but very nice setup, great deal.

Quick, get it before they decide to jack up the price on it haha.

GOOD advice.

OR you could get this: for almost the same price.

haha… i think ill go with that (sarcasm)

so this is a better deal than anything i could price together with a KH hub?And i dont have the money right now, cuz i’d have to get cranks 2, b/c i have qu-ax 10 spline, not isis.

I sent a similar question to UDC, and they said that the nimbus isus hub is the same material, made in the same factory, but with a different logo.

It’s basically a KH in black.
I’d get that wheel asap

Yeah but the one I linked to even has a tire and those things that hold pedals on!

cool sound good… i can afford the wheel, but not cranks, and the wheel wouldn’t be any good to me w/o cranks:( . I’ll have to try and save up. and i need shinguards bad too :roll_eyes:

Dibs, lll jk, This is a totally awesome deal! I’ve been wondering how I’m going to get a Isis Uni and this is totally the way to start! Yes, I’m so excited. These are probably gonna sell fast!!

man… i should kept this secret(jk… i wouldnt do that) i need to borrow some $$ and then pay back my rents.:stuck_out_tongue:

if your planning on buying it I would buy now then save up for cranks cause its a sweet deal and I doubt they will last for long.

Damn good deal!

Wish I wasn’t buying a KH24 now :roll_eyes:

I’d definitely upgrade my DX wheel with that, though only for better cranks, after like the third time I trued my DX wheel, it’s never even budged since then… it came to me with really loose spokes… oh well, I’m still happy with my DX :slight_smile:

the kh and koxx 24" rims are the same except for the logo too…
if anyone cares

The Kh hub has a drilled spindle, the nimbus hub does not. This means that the nimbus hub is deffinitely heavier, but most probably stronger. Other than that, and minor cosmetic details like the flange cut-outs, they are identical.

its on its way. with the kh moment cranks (137mm).

thanks for all the help guys!!

According to Rogers website the KH ISIS is 644g vs the Nimbus ISIS which is 635g.

The flange cutouts are minor cosmetic details but (with all due respect to Kris), do you really need to have his initials on yet more bits of your unicycle?

I’ve just ordered a Nimbus ISIS for my Titanium XC 29’er Muni.


Thats interesting, I wonder what makes the Nimbus hub lighter if the KH has the drilled spindle and the Nimbus doesnt.

you need to post pics of that when you get it. it sounds so BA.