Nimbus ISIS trials w/ moment cranks. Also, KH 19" wheel, trials rim and frame

I’m selling this on behalf of my friend; he only wants to sell it beacause he prefers MUni to trials.

the specs are:

maxxis creepy crawler tyre(lots of tread left) + tube
nimbus 42mm trials rim
silver spokes
nimbus ISIS hub
KH moment cranks 137mm.
DX style pedals
silver nimbus II frame
aluminium seat post
nimbus gel saddle

Its is about 10 months old, but the cranks are only 6 months old. It has only been used about once ot twice a week and is in great condition.
Pics will probably be up tomorrow.

He is looking for around £150 ONO.

I am also selling:
Nimbus 42mm Trials rim. £10
KH 07 19" wheelset (only 2 months old)with used creepy crawler tyre(6months old). £80 ONO
Nimbus II blue trials frame + qu ax clamp: £10

You Pay shipping. UK buyers only please

im stupid

sorry people i menat to put £70 ONO for the kh wheel and tyre

I’m interested.

How much would shipping likely to be to Leicester in the midlands?

  • I’m waiting for pics :slight_smile:

sorry, i only got one pic before the camera ran out of bloody battery :roll_eyes:

I have no idea about postage but off the top of my head i would imagine around £15, i need to look into it.

uk only huh? i’m from latvia, baltic states, is it not possible to ship there?

i could ship it but it would be at your expense.
and one would think it would be quite a large expense. i can do it but with postage costs it may not be worth it

have u got any pics of the KH wheelset?